The city of Jelgava is located in the southern Zemgale lowland on the banks of the Lielupe River at a distance of about 40 km from the capital of Latvia — Riga. Jelgava is well—groomed and deeply provincial in a European way, and according to some tourists, it is too quiet and calm.

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Jelgava Palace


The first mention of settlements dates back to 1226. The castle of the Livonian Order was founded in 1265. The first German name of the castle is Mitau. The settlement received its coat of arms and city status in 1573. The former historical name of Jelgava is Mitava. For more than 2 centuries, in the period from 1578 to 1795, the city was the capital of the Duchy of Courland.

In January 1792, an uprising of the lower class, called the "millers' revolt", took place in the city, which was suppressed with the use of artillery. In 1795, the city became part of the Russian empire. During the Second World War, Jelgava was occupied by German troops. During the war, the city was destroyed, and most of the historical architectural heritage was irretrievably lost.

Jelgava Palace

What to see and do

The whole country comes to Jelgava twice a year. In winter— to the festival of ice sculptures, and in summer — sand sculptures. At the end of August, a festival of milk, honey and bread is held in Jelgava, where you can buy farm products.

Jelgava is famous for its many architectural monuments, which will be interesting to visit.

The crypt of the Dukes of Courland, the Museum of Fire Equipment, the Museum of the Gintermuiza Psychiatric Hospital, the Memorial Museum, the Historical Railway Museum and the Museum of the Jelgava Palace — Jelgava is rich in tourist sites.

How to get

It is very close to Jelgava from Riga, so regular buses and minibuses run from the bus station, you can take a taxi or get from the station by train. A car will also be very useful if you travel around the country on wheels.

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March 29, 2024

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