Must see attractions in Jelgava

The cathedral in Jelgava
Cathedral of the Immaculate Virgin Mary
The Cathedral of the Immaculate Virgin Mary began to be built during the time of Duke Frederick in 1630-1635. However, the construction was completed much...
Monument in Jelgava
Janis Cakste monument
In front of the tower of the Holy Trinity Church in Jelgava there is a monument in memory of the first President of Latvia — Janis Caksta (1859-1927)....
Promenade in Jelgava
Jelgava Embankment
The modern city embankment of the Lielupe and Drixa rivers with spectacular bridges and cozy places to relax are connected to a walking area — the Jelgava...
Tower in Jelgava
Jelgava Holy Trinity Church Tower
The Jelgava Holy Trinity Church Tower is one of the most important places to visit in Jelgava. The Church of St. Nicholas was located here until 1944. The...
Museum in Jelgava
Jelgava Museum of History and Art
The building of the Jelgava Museum is known by the historical name Academia Petrina. The museum expositions tell about the most important historical events of...
Palace in Jelgava
Jelgava Palace
Jelgava or Mitava Palace is the largest Baltic palace in terms of its dimensions, built in the XVIII century according to the design of Bartolomeo Rastrelli in...
The cathedral in Jelgava
St Simeon and St Anne's Cathedral
The Orthodox Cathedral of St. Simeon and St Anna in Jelgava belongs to the Riga Deanery of the Riga Diocese of the Latvian Orthodox Church of the Moscow...
The Tomb in Jelgava
The tomb of the Dukes of Courland
The tomb of the Dukes of Courland in the Rundale Palace (the summer residence of the Jelgava Palace) or as it is also called the Family Vault of the Dukes of...