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Msheireb is a new district in the heart of the capital of Qatar, combining the most modern technologies and approaches in architecture and urban planning.

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March 27, 2024 08:13 pm
The most stylish and modern area of Doha. Be sure to come here. It's really cozy, lots of good restaurants, luxury shops and inexpensive street coffee shops.

Overview of Msheireb

Any height differences are complemented by escalators and elevators

A unique concept that combined Qatar's vision of what a city should be with the country's history and modern energy-efficient approaches made this area incredibly technological and a reference for the whole world.

Priority to pedestrians, not cars

Walking around the area you will be imbued with the concept and philosophy. Both a conservative and an innovator will fall in love with the neighborhood.

Perhaps this is the only place in the world where a modern district is implemented so thoughtfully and efficiently, neatly, restrained, but at the same time stylish and interesting that we strongly recommend everyone to visit it. At least in order to form a picture of the present city of the future. — Gidza

About the Msheireb district

Green plants, flower beds and lawns throughout the area

The project is unique in many things, but this is the world's first renovation project of the city center, when a completely new area on an area of 31 hectares appeared on the site of the old building.

Compact signs, no wires and other visual noise

The district is divided into five blocks: Divan Amiri Quarter, Heritage Quarter, Retail Quarter, Residential Quarter and Business Gateway.

In total, there are more than 100 buildings have been built, more than 300 shops have been opened, 4 hotels, 3 mosques, a school, kindergartens, a cultural forum and the Msheireb Museum, consisting of four buildings.

Festival in the cultural square of Msheireb Baharat

A free tram runs through the area. You can feel one of the most technologically advanced areas of the world in the cool by traveling within them.

About 25% of the city's territory is allocated for residential development, 26% for hotels, cafes, restaurants and shops, and about 33% are occupied by social and government buildings.

All buildings are certified according to LEED standards as the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings.

The concept of the district

M7 Fashion and Design Center

The project implies taking care of the environment, ensuring a high level of energy efficiency: reducing resource consumption, reducing waste and carbon dioxide emissions.

The buildings and streets were designed so that the wind from the sea blew through all the streets, while there were no drafts, which often happen near skyscrapers. At the same time, the very location of the buildings and their height are thought out so as to shade each other to ensure a reduction in cooling costs and a more comfortable presence of people on the street, even in the sultry heat.

Shading canopies

The walls of the buildings are made of eco-friendly materials of a sufficiently large thickness, and the facades are painted in light colors to exclude heating of the interior, which, together with special glazing and thoughtful ventilation with central cooling, made it possible to reduce energy consumption by 30%.

History of the district

Barriers, trash cans, made of aluminum and polished steel

The construction of the Msheireb district began in January 2010. The entire implementation was divided into four stages. The project was fully completed in 2021.

Leading architects, urban planners, engineers and scientists from all over the world, including specialists from Harvard, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton, and Yale, worked on the project for more than three years before the construction work began. Several tens of thousands of drawings were prepared, many of which were reworked to achieve the maximum balance between efficiency and vision.

How to get to

Transfer from Suk Vakif to Msheireb

The Msheireb district is located in the very center of Doha, next to the Souq Waqif Oriental Bazaar, creating a feeling of being at the junction of epochs.

The most convenient way to get to the area is by metro - the metro station of the same name is also the main interchange hub of three branches running in all directions of the city and to the airport.

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April 22, 2024

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