The Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

Museum of Islamic Art

The museum, designed by the architect of the Louvre Pyramid in Paris, Min Pei, immerses guests in the world's largest collection of Islamic art collected from all continents.

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Overview of Museum of Islamic Art

Palm alley at the entrance to the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

The Museum of Islamic Art reveals to the world the achievements and contribution of Islam to the development of our civilization, helps to appreciate the work and perseverance that allowed Muslims to reach the peak of their scientific and artistic fame.

The museum building

The building of the Museum of Islamic Art

The museum building was built on an artificial island, which was created specifically for it as part of the project of the famous architect Yeo Ming Pei in the early 2000s.

To implement the project, the 91-year-old architect went on a five-month journey through Arab countries in search of inspiration, which he found in the fountain for ablution in the center of the courtyard of the ancient Ibn Tulun Mosque in Cairo.

The inner hall of the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

Externally, the building may resemble the architecture of postmodernism, but inside it is a real masterpiece of forms and space, attracting the eye to the light dome of an incredible pattern.

The dome of the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

The total area of the museum is 45,000 m2. A crescent-shaped park with an area of as much as 290,000 m2 is located around the museum.

The walls are covered with cream-colored limestone, and from the central hall through multi-meter windows there is a panoramic view of the West Bay lagoon, where the most diverse skyscrapers in shapes and sizes are located.

View of Richard Serra's sculpture "7" in Qatar

If desired, you can go out onto the balcony with fountains, which overlooks another masterpiece: the sculpture "7" by Richard Serra, located in MIA Park.

The history of the museum

Panoramic multi-storey glazing of the hall of the Museum of Islamic Art

The construction of the museum lasted four years: from the end of November 2004 to November 2008. The museum was opened to visitors on December 8, 2008.

MIA Park, an open space on the waterfront managed by the museum, was opened along with the museum.

At the end of 2021, the museum was closed for restoration, within the framework of which the premises were reorganized and the expositions were rethought. In its current form, the museum has been open since October 5, 2022.

The museum's exposition

Islamic Manuscripts at the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

The museum presents exhibitions in different directions. Each of them is an important component of Islamic culture. The museum works in partnership with the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Louvre, the Royal Collection of Morocco, the Egyptian Museum of Islamic Art and the Cartier Collection in France.

Floor plan of the museum's exhibitions


There is an exposition from kitchen utensils to exquisite tile panels.


The museum's collection includes many famous works of Islamic glass, ranging from small pieces to bright mosque lamps, goblets and medieval vases.

Manuscripts and calligarphy

The museum's exposition includes more than 800 manuscripts from the Koran dating from the 7th century to the Ottoman works of the 19th century.

A horse from calligraphy, the end of the 10th century according to the Islamic calendar

Visitors can see the famous Blue Quran of the Abbasid era, one of the rarest manuscripts in the Islamic world. In addition, the museum houses two of the five famous pages of the largest Quran in the world, the Baisungur Quran.

Blacksmithing craft

Swords and armor at the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

The museum's exposition is represented by weapons, armor, household items and science from the 7th century to the present day.


The museum contains some of the best examples of carpets, costumes and fabrics from the Islamic world.

Not only the museum

The Museum of Islamic Art is also a research center with an excellent library containing many sources and originals of authoritative Islamic writings available to researchers of Islamic culture and religion.

IDAM Restaurant

Visitors to the museum can relax and discuss what they have seen in the beautiful IDAM restaurant by French chef Alain Ducasse on the top floor.

The cost of the visit

An adult ticket is 50 QAR, Admission for students is 50 QAR, children under 16 can pass for free. Tickets can be purchased online on the official website of Qatar Museums. Buy tickets.

Working hours

The museum is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00, on Fridays from 13:30 to 19:00


April 07, 2024

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