Sculpture "7" by Richard Serra in Doha

Sculpture "7"

Richard Serra's first sculpture in the Middle East, symbolizing the spiritual significance of the number seven in Islamic culture.

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Overview of Sculpture "7"

The sculpture is known not only for the fact that it has a height of 24 meters and is the largest such creative object in Qatar, but also for its realization. The fact is that Richard Serra not only designed the stele itself, which resembles a minaret, but also the pier - the base for the sculpture "7" in the form of a crescent, extending 76 meters from the shore.

Richard Serra's sculpture "7" from the inside

The sculpture is often called an obelisk or an iron tower, as it is made of 7 sheets of corrosion-resistant Corten steel, resembling rust. Visitors can look inside the tower and observe the shape and play of light.

Sculpture "7" and the Museum of Islamic Art and

The sculpture is located in MIA Park, next to the Museum of Islamic Art and is part of a common cultural complex.

You can view the sculpture "7" from the windows or balconies of the museum, from the park or from the Dow boats that depart from the park.


March 27, 2024

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