One of the most well-known megacities in the world, which was built in just 50 years. Here is located the biggest shopping center in the world, the tallest skyscraper and many luxurious hotels, magnificent beaches, famous restaurants.

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World Shopping Center

Dubai can rightly be called the center of world shopping. Every year two major shopping festivals are held here and shopping malls are much more than just rows of stores. Some look like Italian palazzos, others like Persian palaces. Shopping is not just about shopping, it is also a leisure that tourists from all over the world are passionate about. Every shopping mall in Dubai has its own charm – in Ibn Battuta Mall you can travel through different countries and cultures, in Mall of Emirates you can find an indoor ski slope, in the world's largest shopping mall Duabi Mall you can watch sharks in a giant aquarium. Don't forget the traditional markets filled with the charm of the East and the excitement of the air.

Night Dubai

By day, Dubai is a paradise for beachgoers and sport enthusiasts alike. But when night falls, the entire city turns 180 degrees to unveil its eclectic nightlife scene. Streets are filled with oriental scents, hungry tourists flock to the variety of cafes and restaurants, and the pleasant breeze blows from the rooftop bars, beachfront cocktail bars, and shisha lounges. Much of the nightlife is centered around the luxury hotels, many of which do not even require an overnight stay. Concerts are always available for culture lovers. The world-class Dubai Opera House is open for classical entertainment.

At night, you should definitely visit the Fountain Square, located between the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa and the world's largest shopping center Dubai Mall. Every evening, a laser show takes place here, where fountains create incredible water forms to the music, and all kinds of images and figures are projected onto the facades of the Burj Khalifa. During the New Year holidays, the square becomes a place of incredible fireworks.


May 13, 2023

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