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Flower Garden in Dubai


In the winter of 2018, my future husband and I went on a romantic trip to Dubai. You know, flowers were a mandatory element of the program, because I love them very much.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Flower Paradise in Dubai

A sea of flowers in Dubai's Miracle Garden

The park is located outside the city limits, we got there by taxi. Along the way, we looked at the outskirts of Dubai, which turned out to be unattractive and very man-made. But in the flower park, the mood improved noticeably, because there was a wonderful fragrance in the air.

Romantic tents

Gazebo tent in the flower park in Dubai

Dubai is hot in winter, so from time to time you had to hide from the scorching sun, the benefit of the park was equipped with tents.

An arch of flowers in the shape of a heart

The best place for a romantic photo shoot

We couldn't do without hearts, we took pictures without stopping, the journey became more and more romantic! Wedding photo shoots are held in the park and this is justified: it is difficult to imagine such an abundance of flowers!

The park is full of tourists, you can only retire here inside flower arrangements. By the way, all the plants, despite the heat, are alive and well. I think it's thought out how to water it all and take care of the flowers.

From some angles, the park looks like a hotel, if you are used to such a floral abundance.

A giant swan made of flowers

What is really impressive is the size of the structures. This bird is about the size of a five-story house.

A bear made of flowers and plastic bees are a bit not organic, but the children really like it. Look at the size of the people in the background of these giant sculptures!

A plane made of flowers in Dubai

A plane of flowers behind an ostrich

A life–size airplane is too much! It is difficult to imagine how this was done. My companion liked the plane. At their summer cottage, they decided to make a smaller copy of the same one. Not from tires, of course))

A ship with flowers

You can walk along the paths here for a long time, compositions replace each other, fountains, boats, sculptures and endless petunia, which I love very much!

An alley of umbrellas in the Flower Park in Dubai

Again, the umbrella alley, a popular story, apparently, I saw the same photo on the Internet, in my opinion, somewhere in Turkey. Anyway, you can hide from the sun here again.

In this picture, in the background of the construction site, almost the entire suburb of Dubai is actively under construction.

The park is full of seats: if you have walked from the bottom of your heart, you can sit in the shade everywhere. How the flowers are attached in these designs is still a mystery.

All fans of flowers will really enjoy visiting Miracle Garden Park. I spent hours looking at and photographing details in order to repeat and implement these ideas in my garden.

Flower Clock in Miracle Garden Park

A clock made of flowers

You won't believe it, but the clock is running! The arrows are moving and showing the correct time.

There is an amusement park here, if you want to entertain children – all conditions are great for them to relax here.

That's how we got a romantic trip!


What can I say about the Flower Park in Dubai in general. You will get a lot of emotions, it is bright, fragrant and very interesting here. But rather for a one-time visit. It is difficult to say whether the appearance of the park ever changes, because plants can be updated, but in the climate of Dubai, this can be repeated endlessly. Sometimes it even seemed to me that this Park should have its own nursery, because the volume of plants here is very wholesale!

Benches in the form of leaves


According to the recommendations: definitely yes! It's worth it without hesitation, the Park is big, you can spend a lot of time, there will be so many photos that there will be nowhere to post, checked!

By the way, my young man liked the Flower Park too. And they say that men are indifferent to flowers. Not at all! With great interest, we walked around this amazing place and enjoyed the beauty and company of each other. I wish you the same!


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