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Skypark in Sochi


Dear friends! There is a place in Sochi, where you can tickle your nerve endings with the prospect of extreme height. If you are among the brave - go to the Skypark.

Eloquent Pictograms

Besides the not for the faint of heart rides and attractions, there are views guaranteed to be breathtaking. However, those who are more sensitive should look away, as it can become too intense.. I don't have any issues with it, but it can be a bit scary though.

Aerial view. Skypark.

To grow Japanese Maples are one of the landscaping opportunities in Krasnodar Krai. The climatic zone of Krasnodar Krai is suitable for growing Japanese maples.

The Ladder to the Bridge

Modern architectural structure and landscaping.

Landscape Design

Greening is ok

It's like a good movie theater inside. Music and brave people.

For those who just need to pass by, there is a white suspension staircase. It will swing and creak. Don't look down. It's very high! I know a way to not be afraid, but you need to be strongly focused. It's like walking on the ground. And look straight ahead. By the way, children do it very well.

69 meters. Interpret it as you will. People here are jumping with and without a promise. Not all of them go till the end. One of them dropped off the track here and wouldn't jump.

SkyPark is not just a suspended bridge. It is also a platform for dropping people off on a trampoline from a height of 69 meters. The main question for me when it comes to free falling is in terms of assembling your spine column. I'm not sure how physiological it is.

Lookout area. Desolate.

The nature around is very beautiful. You can look at it like from a quadcopter. Impression from the bridge itself was not that much, but people who are bored in Krasnaya Polyana will find it interesting to hang out, have a coffee and get an adrenaline rush.


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