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TOP 15 gifts that can be given to a traveler for the New Year


We have prepared the top of the most interesting and useful gifts that will perfectly fit under the Christmas tree and will delight their future owner throughout 2025.

1. Give a trip

Lago di Braies, Italy

The best gift for a traveler can only be the trip itself! Give away air tickets, cruise tickets or book a unique hotel. The main thing is to find out "about the very place" where the owner of the future gift dreams of going.

If you have already planned a trip, an excursion, an unplanned tour to unexpected places, a walk with a local guide, a photo shoot or even dinner at a famous restaurant can be a gift. Experiment. In any case, this is a new experience that will definitely never be forgotten!

2. A box with souvenirs that remind you of the most vivid impressions

Gift box

You can please the traveler with souvenirs from the countries he has visited or inspire him to take a new tour. Such a set can be both male and female – the contents will depend on your imagination. Put a fridge magnet, a statuette, incense sticks, candles, a neckerchief, jewelry, collectible tea, a compass in a gift box – pleasant little things will remind you of traveling and will carry you away to new experiences!

3. Autonomous suitcase robot

A robot suitcase from Travelmate Robotics

Imagine an ideal suitcase that moves independently, has an autonomous navigation system and is controlled via a smartphone. This is a Travelmate. It uses a TSA secure lock, is equipped with a Bluetooth and USB module, and has a removable battery. The battery can be used to charge almost all electronics via a USB port and a standard electrical outlet. The built-in electronic scales will show the exact weight of the luggage, and the LED backlight will show the battery level, direction of travel and other signals. Among other things, Travelmate has a removable GPS chip that helps orient the suitcase and allows you to always know its location. An ultramodern technological gift, isn't it?

4. The trunk

A travel bag

Have you ever thought that going on a weekend trip, you don't want to take a suitcase with you at all, but you really want to bring souvenirs. There is a great solution for this. The trunk is a lightweight folding travel bag for light travelers. The bag can be compactly packed, it will not take up much space. You can load souvenirs in the trunk on the way back.

5. Travel scales for luggage

Road scales

Many travelers worry about overweight luggage for air travel or the load on a travel backpack. In order to provide for an unexpected advantage in advance, luggage scales will be useful. Compact travel scales will not take up much space, but they will be most useful for any tourists.

6. Buff bandana

Snowboard Tube Scarf Buff Bandana Tech Fleece Camo Cash Multi

Wherever you go, bad weather can make adjustments to your plans in order to comfortably warm up or protect yourself from the scorching heat, a buff bandana can be useful – a convenient and useful accessory that is indispensable on any trip. On summer vacation to protect your head from the scorching sun and for insulation in the cold.

7. Swiss knife

Victorinox Work Champ XL

The Swiss knife is a legend that can accommodate an incredible number of functions in a super compact case. The Swiss knife is useful everywhere – from a hiking trip to a classic voyage. A practical men's gift, an indispensable tourist companion.

8. Tourist tent

Tourist tent

If your gift is intended for a person who dreams of walking the Lycian trail – give a tent. The tent will allow you to hide from the rain, spend the night in comfort, regardless of the time of year and place to stay. Choose from a variety of options – tents can be winter, summer and demi-season. Your gift will be indispensable both on a camping trip and just on vacation by the lake or in the forest.

9. Pin card

Card with pins

A gift card of the world with pins, with which a traveler marks the geography of his travels, is a great gift and memories for many years to come. An alternative is a scratch card, on which you can simply erase the protective layer by marking the next location you have passed.

10. Hammock

Tourist hammock

The traveler will really enjoy enjoying nature in a light hammock, if desired, you can even sleep in it. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate such a gift while enjoying the sunset or the landscape.

11. Trekking poles

Nordic walking sticks

Trekking poles are universal travel assistants if you give them to hiking enthusiasts. With such sticks, any road will be a joy, besides, modern sticks are light, weightless and very convenient to use.

12. Powerbank

Charger for gadgets

Powerbank will help out any traveler if the battery of his gadget shows a low charge. By giving a traveler a charger, you give him the opportunity to take more pictures, post more photos on social networks and be in touch even in the farthest point of the world.

13. Quadcopter


A quadrocopter will be very pleased with a traveler who wants to remember his journey not only from the ground, but also from a bird's-eye view. Photos and videos from a quadcopter are a modern way to capture the beauty of our planet from an unusual angle. Please note that in some countries there is a restriction on aerial photography of certain objects.

14. Network adapter "Traveler"

Network Adapter

Everyone knows that network connectors abroad differ from the usual ones. A network adapter for different types of connectors, which can be presented to a traveler, will help out here. Such a gift will help out in any situation – you can recharge any device from almost any network.

15. Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones

By giving a traveler wireless headphones, you will delight him with the opportunity to listen to his favorite music or stay in touch at any time. Such a gift is indispensable if you need to stay in silence for some time or disconnect from the ambient noise – headphones with a noise reduction system will make the trip comfortable and give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite movie on the road.


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