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New embankment of Tula


Russian cities are changing, becoming more and more interesting.

In 2018 a new embankment was built along the Upa River in Tula. The Kazan Embankment in Tula is situated between the Kremlin and the armory.

Space is divided by beams-trails, along which it is pleasant to take a walk with a friend, a girlfriend or children, an interesting solution with flyovers from which you can see the other side of the river, red garlands - these are actually lamps that create a unique atmosphere of the place. You won't find anything like that anywhere else.

Red Lanterns.

The embankment is equipped with a bike path and a square. The designers did not work in vain - the place looks modern, technological and neat. I especially liked the pavilions under the tented tennis tables.

View of the other side of the river.

Plant Design.

Horse from letters.

Bicycle lane.

Original Architectural Solutions.

Bright Gaming Area.

Coffee House and Cubes.

Many open spaces.

If you are collecting travels around Russian cities - then Tula will surely become a bright fragment of your story. And not just because of the 'pryanik' :)


March 19, 2024 04:49 pm



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