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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia. Part 2


In this chapter, we will continue our amazing journey through the world-famous sights of Russia, included in the UNESCO Heritage list.

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11. Golden mountains of Altai

The Golden Mountains of Altai includes three natural attractions at once: the Ukok plateau and two reserves — Altai and Katunsky. It is in these territories that such pearls of the Altai Republic as Teletskoye Lake and Mount Belukha are located.

12. Volcanoes of Kamchatka

30 active and 300 extinct volcanoes, which are located on the territory of the Kronotsky Natural Biosphere Reserve, form part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. The protected areas also include Bystrinsky Nature Park, Nalychevo Park, South Kamchatka Nature Park.

13. Lake Baikal

The deepest lake on the planet is Lake Baikal. The largest natural freshwater reservoir and the largest freshwater lake in Eurasia by area. A beautiful place with clear water that does not leave tourists alone and attracts with its pristine beauty and power.

14. The historical center of St. Petersburg

You won't believe it, but the UNESCO World Heritage List includes not only natural areas, but also cities with attractions. The center of St. Petersburg is rich in outstanding monuments of architecture and monumental sculpture. The World Heritage Site includes palace and park complexes, natural landscapes and industrial monuments of the Leningrad region and some attractions in the city center.

15. Kizhi

Kizhi is one of the islands of the Kizhi archipelago in Lake Onega in Karelia, which contains 69 monuments of traditional wooden architecture: ancient chapels, houses, barns and mills, household items, icons. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Kizhi Pogost captures with its history, beauty and fragility. To date, the Kizhi churchyard is the only one of the wooden architecture ensembles preserved in Russia, which includes two multi—domed churches.

16. The Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin has become inextricably linked with all the major historical and political events in Russia, and this has become a worthy argument for joining the UNESCO list. Meet this landmark located in Moscow, on Red Square.

17. Historical monuments of Novgorod

The ancient Russian city of Novgorod has preserved monuments of unique architecture of the XI–XVII centuries. The specially protected objects include 11 buildings: the Novgorod Kremlin, the Znamensky Cathedral, the Zverin Monastery, the Monastery of St. Anthony the Roman, the Church of the Nativity in the Cemetery, the Church of the Savior on Nereditsa, the remains of the Church of the Annunciation in Gorodishche, Perynsky Skete, Yuriev Monastery, the Church of John the Merciful in Myachin and the Church of Peter and Paul.

18. Solovetsky Monastery

The monastery's buildings are scattered across four islands of the Solovetsky archipelago: the monastery itself is located on Bolshoy Solovetsky Island, the Ascension Monastery on Sekirnaya Mountain, the Isaakovskaya, Filippovskaya and Makarievskaya deserts, and the Savvatievsky monastery. On the island of Bolshaya Muksalma is the Sergievsky Hermitage. On the island of AnzerGolgotha-Crucifixion hermitage, Eleazar's desert, Trinity Hermitage. On Bolshoy Zayatsky Island there are Andreevskaya deserts, Stone labyrinths.

19. White stone monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal

Eight monuments of ancient Russian white stone architecture are hidden in the Vladimir region: The Church of Boris and Gleb in Kideksha, in Vladimir — the Assumption Cathedral, the Golden Gate and the Dmitrievsky Cathedral, in Bogolyubov — the Chambers of Andrei Bogolyubsky and the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, in Suzdal — the Kremlin with the Nativity Cathedral and the Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery.

Vladimir. The Church of the Holy Trinity (Red) and the Golden Gate

20. Trinity-Sergius Lavra

For centuries, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad has been one of the most revered all-Russian shrines, the largest center of spiritual enlightenment and culture. A unique library of handwritten and old printed books has been collected in the Monastery for centuries.

Refectory with the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh (Moscow and the Moscow region, Sergiev Posad, Trinity Sergius Lavra)


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