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Traveling Adventures

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Lana Gardmann

Dear friends! There is a place in Sochi, where you can tickle your nerve endings with the prospect of extreme height. If you are among the brave - go to the Skypark.

Aerial view. Skypark.


For those who are bored to go on excursions, look at the sights, lie on the beach and go to museums and restaurants, there are many ways not to be bored. Some of them can tickle the nerves, while others can be life-threatening, but they definitely will not leave anyone without sharp impressions.

At 8:00 a.m., people and bulls meet on the streets of Pamplona's old town. Excitement and adrenaline rush at a distance of just over 800 meters

Lana Gardmann

The journey to Lake Baikal was coming to the end and we returned to Irkutsk. We decided to take a short ride around the city before departure.

Irkutsk Gallery of Contemporary Art

Marina Golub

Surely many people have thought about traveling around the world at least once, but few people know that in our modern times there are incredible people who have conquered and continue to conquer the world all their lives. In our article we will talk about the legendary Russian traveler, writer, artist and priest of the Russian Orthodox Church — Fyodor Filippovich Konyukhov.