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In pursuit of adrenaline: the most extreme entertainment in the world


For those who are bored to go on excursions, look at the sights, lie on the beach and go to museums and restaurants, there are many ways not to be bored. Some of them can tickle the nerves, while others can be life-threatening, but they definitely will not leave anyone without sharp impressions.

Diving with sharks (Shark Diving)

Shark Diving in the Bahamas

Swimming with real sharks is a sea of adrenaline and super dangerous entertainment. This type of diving is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it is very popular with tourists.

There are two types of this hardcore: the first is that you are placed in a metal cage, and it is placed underwater right into the den of sharks. At the same time, you are the main target of these hungry predators. With complete safety, it's still better not to stick your hands out of the cage – you won't be able to stroke the shark, but you can lose your hands.

The second entertainment is less safe, a professional diver and a tourist sink to the bottom to the sharks, huge sharks swim around you literally at arm's length. The main thing in this attraction is to know the behavior of sharks and not to do it without the supervision of professional shark divers. The thrill is guaranteed.

Jump into the volcano

Villarrica Volcano, Chile

Almost everyone knows about benji jumping and bungee jumping, but this attraction located in Chile, on the Villarrica volcano, cannot be compared with any place for such jumps. This is the only place in the world where they offer to jump into the mouth of an active volcano. Are you serious?

It happens like this: the helicopter rises above the crater and hovers at an altitude of 200 meters. Right above the volcano's mouth. Daredevils jump on bungee to the red-hot lava (less than 40 meters remain from the lowest point of the fall). This makes it possible not only to experience a frenzied feeling of adrenaline, but also to look at the lake of boiling lava up close and feel the fiery breath of the volcano, its heat and power very close. This attraction is for notorious daredevils and extreme athletes.

Encierro or "run away from the bull"

At 8:00 a.m., people and bulls meet on the streets of Pamplona's old town. Excitement and adrenaline rush at a distance of just over 800 meters

Running from the bull, the national Spanish fun "encierro", is perhaps the craziest and most dangerous entertainment. It takes place at the San Fermin festival in Spain, and running from the bulls is an integral part of it. The race of 12 bulls takes place right through the streets of the city specially designated for fun, and the most desperate daredevils run right in front of the angry animals. Such races are never without victims, but at the same time they always gather huge crowds of spectators and participants. Running from bulls is a favorite pastime of many extreme athletes.

Dinner with hyenas

Hyenas have dinner with a hippopotamus in Kenya

Hyena feeding in Harare (Ethiopia) is a national nighttime entertainment, during which you are taken to the dinner place of these predatory scavengers. First, you'll see how the Ethiopians feed the spotted flock. Then you will try to feed them yourself – you can treat the hyena with meat not only from your hand, but also from your mouth on a special stick. The main thing is to listen to the guide and be careful. Hyenas are unscrupulous animals and this experience can cost you your nose. You can definitely get your own dose of adrenaline here.

The Path of Death

A particularly exciting section of the trail in one of the 5 sacred mountain ranges of China - Huashan. This is the famous plank path on the cliff side - the "path of death"

In China, Mount Huashan has a so-called "death trail" (Mount Huashan Plank Walk, Cliffside Path). The essence of the attraction lies in the very location of the trail: narrow wooden planks nailed to a vertical rock at an altitude of 2000 meters and an open abyss underfoot. You are hooked to the mountain with special safety equipment, which is given out at the entrance, and if you slip off the boards, hang on a rope above the clouds. I must say that despite the apparent harmlessness and safety, emotions at the moment of falling can be very real.


Hiking route to Everest Base Camp, Khumjung, Nepal

Free fall next to Mount Everest is a memorable experience for a lifetime. Before the jump, you will have to spend several days on the road, on preparation and acclimatization, without which jumping out of a helicopter at an altitude of 7,000 meters is life-threatening. On the day of the jump, you will feel what life is like – the parachute will not open immediately, you will spend some time in free fall with a view of the beautiful snow-capped mountains rapidly approaching you... After landing at Xiangboche Airport or at Ama Dablam Base Camp, you realize that living is wonderful. The adrenaline cocktail and the reaction after it will be remembered for a long time!

Rafting on the Nile

The Alligator

One of the most extreme and dangerous activities available in Uganda is rafting on the Nile. You and your instructor will cross the river in a raft, bypassing rapids and waterfalls. And local crocodiles will add danger and extreme. You don't have to worry, the guides know all the crocodile places and won't even let you stick your finger out of the raft where it's dangerous. At the same time, you will feel like you are in a real adventure and get a mountain of vivid emotions.

A dangerous dinner

6 puffer fish of the Takifugu rubripes species, put up for sale at the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. The fish is sold for consumption in Japanese restaurants

The most dangerous gastronomic dish and a coveted Japanese delicacy is puffer fish. It contains tetrodotoxin, one of the strongest poisons in the world. To minimize the risk, cooks carefully cut out the liver and other organs that accumulate dangerous substances. After that, the puffer is considered safe and is served in the form of sashimi, tempura or together with boiling broth, in which it is boiled right on the table. But at the same time, the risk of poisoning always remains, as with mushrooms. If you dare to try, choose well–known restaurants where licensed chefs work, who can be trusted, otherwise - paralysis and death from suffocation. And it's certainly better not to experiment with puffer yourself, it's better to trust the professionals here.

Wing-walking or a walk on the wing of an airplane

A walk along the wing of an airplane

The plane is flying for itself, even if it is a cornhusker, and you boldly walk along its wing. What do you think? It takes several hours to instruct and teach safety rules, and now you are ready for a real adventure. The plane will soar down, up, turn turns, and you will feel the whole range of amazing emotions outside in special equipment – a cocktail of fear and delight. The wind in the face is provided!


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