Masdar City

Masdar City

Masdar City is one of the most ambitious projects of the United Arab Emirates to create a city of the future. The new city is located near Abu Dhabi airport, which will allow it to become another business card of the country in the coming years.

Masdar City Travel Guide

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Despite the fact that the city has not yet been officially opened, offices of energy and multinational companies, the international renewable Energy Agency, the Khalifa University building and many others have been open here for many years. The completion of all works and the official opening are planned by 2030, but now you can completely freely come and explore the city of the future.


A well-known company was engaged in the design of Masdar City Foster and Partners, which needed to solve several important problems: blowing out the city and solar panels with sand, general street ventilation, lowering the temperature inside the city, excluding motor transport and other important issues.

Engineers and architects have been studying the layout of streets in Muscat, Cairo and Marrakech for several years, the main solution was to arrange houses and streets so that they create the necessary shade during the day. In addition, studies have shown that short streets with dead-end buildings at their ends create the necessary turbulence, which, due to the temperature difference in the shady areas, raises the air upwards. This allows you to reduce the overall temperature and create a pleasant breeze.

Air Tower in Masdar City

An air tower with a height of 45 meters was installed in the city center — at this height there are no heavy sand particles, and the air temperature is 5 degrees lower, which allows you to supply purified and cool air to the streets of the city.

Air Tower in Masdar City

The color scheme, ornaments and exterior decoration are made by combining traditional Arabic style with high-tech.

The entrance to the underground level, where parking lots and engineering systems are located.

During the construction, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient materials were used that comply with LEED gold and platinum standards. 

What to do

Masdar City Central Park

This is a full-fledged residential area with a beautiful central park, a mosque, cafes, restaurants and even a large CityCenter mall. But the most important thing is to walk through its streets, admire the architecture and the concept of the city of the future.

How to get

Masdar City is just 5 km from Sheikh Zayed International Airport in Abu Dhabi.

Visiting Masdar City can be a great idea during a long transfer at the airport. All in two hours you will be able to get a lot of new experiences. — Gidza

May 12, 2024

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