Doha is the capital of Qatar, known for its diverse modern architecture, vibrant and authentic culture, magnificent beaches and convenient infrastructure.

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What is known for

At the end of 2022, Qatar hosted the first World Cup in the Middle East. In preparation for it not only many stadiums were built in Doha, but also the convenient infrastructure of the entire city was prepared, as well as the most modern and automated metro in the world was built.

Automated metro without a driver in Qatar

Even after the completion of the Mundial, the city's amenities remain accessible to travelers.

What to see

A port of bright containers, in which cafes and offices are located

Tourists will find a large number of attractions in Doha: from museums and art galleries to the most modern shopping malls and authentic markets.

The exposition of the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar

It is definitely worth visiting the Museum of Islamic Art with its impressive collection of Islamic art. Qatar National Museum of the famous architect Jean Nouvel with a unique collection of ancient artifacts.

Cafe at Waqif Market in Qatar

Souq Waqif – the market where it is pleasant to walk and explore the traditional culture of Qatar, to taste traditional dishes in fine restaurants.

In the Katara – ethnic village of Qatar, you can climb the steps of the amphitheater, walk along the embankment and even swim on a convenient public beach.

Marina Pearls of Qatar – The Pearl-Qatar

For those who prefer yachts, luxury hotels and restaurants – 'The Pearl of Qatar' (The Pearl-Qatar) will become your main place of recreation and entertainment.

Be sure to take the time to visit the Qatar National Library, where you can not only work pleasantly, but also drink delicious coffee and look at the system of full automation of sorting and issuing books.

Modern and comfortable downtown Msheireb, Doha

If you love architecture, you will be delighted with the building of the Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC) and downtown Msheireb (also called the 'Heart of Doha'), built in the concept of an affordable, energy–efficient and environmentally friendly city.


Doha, like the whole of Qatar, is one of the safest countries in the world. Here you should not be afraid to walk day and night. No one here will pester or touch you, but it is important to observe the rules of behavior and clothing, primarily out of respect for the culture of local residents.

Cost of accommodation

Despite the fact that Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world, prices here remain acceptable relative to Europe or neighboring Arab countries. In addition, Qatar does not charge an additional tourist tax on accommodation, as has become customary in Bahrain and the UAE, which makes the trip more profitable and affordable.


Beach 974 in Doha

For a comfortable relaxing or family holiday, Doha is ideal: there are no huge numbers of tourists here, there are no crowds in shopping malls, queues at restaurants and hotel elevators, all beaches are sandy, absolutely clean and free of people. In addition, all beaches have the division into places for family holidays and places where guests can relax individually. There are separate carriages for women in the metro.


April 08, 2024

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