The small town of Dobele, located almost in the center of Latvia, on the banks of the Berze River, is located inside the Dobele crater. The diameter of the crater is approximately 4.5 kilometers, and the age is estimated at about 290 million years (Permian period).

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Dobeles pils, Dobele


The first written mention of Dobele dates back to 1254. There is information about him in the Agreement on the division of Zemgale. In 1495, the construction of the church began, and a shopping area was formed at the same time. In the XVII century, during the reign of Duke Jacob Kettler, a watermill and a sawmill, a flax dryer were built here, and in 1929 the Jelgava—Liepaja railway line was laid through Dobele.

Dobele Station Building

What to see and do

Dobel Castle is the main tourist attraction, what everyone goes to Dobel for;

Evangelical Lutheran Church;

The central square of the city, where all festive events are traditionally held;

The tram bridge connecting the historical and new parts of the city is also a local attraction.;

Dobele is known for numerous natural reservoirs. 9 rivers flow through its territory;

In the spring season, Dobele is drowned in lilacs, which grow everywhere and this is a truly magical picture!

Blooming lilacs in Dobele, Latvia

How to get

There is an electric train from Riga to Dobele, which can be reached in just an hour and a half, as well as a railway connection with Liepaja and Jelgava. It will take about an hour to get from Riga by car or bus.


March 29, 2024

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