Koknese is a village 100 km east of Riga, on the right bank of the Daugava River at the confluence of the Perse River. A small town with a population of no more than 3,000 people, but at the same time very popular tourist destination. The main attraction here is the ruins of the Koknese Castle.

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Ruins of the Koknese Castle


One of the oldest settlements in the country, known in the Livonian chronicle as Kukenoys (Latin Kukenoys, Kukenois), appears on the pages of the Chronicle of Livonia at the beginning of the XIII century as the capital of the Kukenois principality headed by Prince Vyachko. It was founded in 1205. From August 1656 (after the capture by Russian troops) until the signing of the Kardis Peace Treaty in 1661, it was also called Tsarevichev-Dmitriev.

From 1958 to 1990 it had the status of an urban-type settlement. During the construction of the Plavin HPP (1967), part of the village was flooded. From 1990 to July 1, 2021 Koknese was considered a rural locality. Until July 1, 2009, it was part of the Aizkrauklsky district and since 2009 it has become the administrative center of the Koknessky Territory, now it is part of the Aizkrauklsky Territory.

Ruins of Koknese, Latvia

What to see and do

Visit the main attraction — the ruins of the Koknese Castle

Take a walk in the Garden of Destinies

Explore the garden of ornamental plants in the ensemble of the Koknessky estate

See the Cockney Lutheran Church

Koknese, Latvia

How to get

It is 95 kilometers from Riga by car to Koknese, the road will take about an hour and a half, there is also a train and a bus from Riga from the central station.

Koknese Railway Station, Latvia


March 29, 2024

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