Must see attractions in Koknese

The cathedral in Koknese
Koknese Lutheran Church
The Koknese Evangelical Lutheran Church was built in 1687. During the war, the church was destroyed, subsequently underwent restoration work, and in 1731...
City Park in Koknese
Kokneses Parks
The Kokneses Parks is located at the confluence of the Perse River with the Daugava. Various types of trees grow here, and visitors are pleased with a variety...
Ruins in Koknese
Ruins of the Koknese Castle
One of the largest and most significant medieval castles in Latvia was the Koknese Castle. Now most of the buildings of the castle are flooded or even under...
Theme Park in Koknese
The Garden of Destiny
The Garden of Destiny (LikteņDārzs) was conceived as a national gift to Latvia for its 100th anniversary and exists on donations. This place combines the...