Kokneses Parks

Kokneses Parks

The Kokneses Parks is located at the confluence of the Perse River with the Daugava. Various types of trees grow here, and visitors are pleased with a variety of wild flowers. While walking, you will definitely go out on the nature trail that leads to the "Garden of Destiny".

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Overview of Kokneses Parks

Koknese Park, Latvia

In the park you can find the ruins of the medieval Koknese castle, the fountain "Fawn's Head", which in the thirties of the 20th century was located near the legendary flooded waterfall on the Perse River, wooden carved sculptures and a tea house. History lovers will be interested in seeing the circular crosses of the time of the Swedes and cast-iron cannons.

Ruins of the medieval Koknese Castle


March 29, 2024

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