The city, founded as a castle of the Teutonic Order, and formerly called Goldingen, now bears the Latvian name Kuldiga. Kuldiga is rightfully considered the most cozy, romantic and very pleasant city. Unlike many Latvian cities, the center of Kuldiga has escaped destruction during numerous wars and fires.

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Kuldiga, Latvia

The original and unique wooden architecture dating back to the XVI—XVII centuries has been preserved in Kuldig, the streets are paved with paving stones, and the city itself is very well maintained and clean. Old houses and narrow streets leave very good impressions and pleasant emotions after visiting Kuldiga.


The first mention of Kuldig dates back to the XIII century. In 1596, one of the residences of the dukes of Courland was located here, until 1616 the city was the capital of Courland. In 1615, a flood destroyed the bridge, causing great damage to the city. A fire started in the city, which destroyed most of the wooden buildings.

Bridge in Kuldiga, Latvia

The development of the city began in the second half of the XIX century: a needle factory, a tannery, a match factory appeared in Goldingen, as well as cigars, soap, vodka, liqueur and mineral water were produced in the city. In 1935, a railway connection was opened between Kuldiga and Alsunga, connecting the city with the Liepaja— Ventspils railway line.

What to see and do

The main attraction of Kuldiga is the Venta Waterfall. It is the widest waterfall in Europe. Its width in high water is 270 meters with a height of only 2 meters.

Vienna Waterfall, Kuldiga, Latvia

This natural landmark has a history: Duke Jacobs ordered the explosion of a low threshold that interfered with boats. The threshold was not damaged, it only became a little deeper, and cracks appeared on the walls of the castle. Then the duke decided to use the threshold for fishing. Salmon jumped out of the water and fell into pre-arranged baskets. Therefore, in the spring it is a favorite place for fishing. And in summer, people come here to walk across the threshold and swim.

Walk along the threshold of Venta Waterfall;

Take a look at the widest waterfall from the Kuldiga brick Bridge;

Walk around the old town;

See the old bridge;

Visit the interactive museum of ancient history of Kuldiga.

How to get

From Riga to Kuldiga can only be reached by regular buses, the journey time will be about 3 hours. It is much closer to go to Kuldiga from Ventspils, which can also be reached by plane from Riga.


March 30, 2024

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