Venta Waterfall

Venta Waterfall

Venta Waterfall in Kuldiga is called Ventas Rumba and it is the widest waterfall in Europe. Its width in high water reaches 270 meters with a height of 2 meters. Venta is very unusual and picturesque.

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Overview of Venta Waterfall

Ventas Rumba in Kuldiga, Latvia

The waterfall gave rise to many legends of origin, the most popular version says that Duke Jacobs ordered to blow up a low threshold that prevented the passage of boats, but the threshold was not damaged, but only deepened, then the duke decided to use the threshold for fishing.

Ventas Rumba Waterfall is a favorite place for all Latvians and tourists, and for a reason. In the spring, salmon literally jumps out of the water, so all the fishermen come fishing. And in summer, people come here to walk on the threshold or swim in the warm, compared to the cold waters of the Baltic, river.

Venta Waterfall, Kuldiga


March 30, 2024

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