Cesis is not only one of the oldest cities in Latvia, but also perhaps one of the most "Latvian" cities. Along with the natural landscapes and historical sights, the city is filled with the spirit of antiquity and modernity.

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Cesis is one of the most amazing towns in Latvia: in summer it attracts with the untouched nature of the Gauja Valley, the breath of the Middle Ages and modern art, and in winter it invites you to the largest ski center in the Baltic States, which impresses with a variety of trails and the longest descents in the region.


The city of Cesis was founded in 1206 and is the third oldest city in Latvia. The most rapid development occurred during the time of Livonia, when the city became the capital of Livonia and the main center of development of Vidzeme. In 1323, Cesis received city rights, and since the 14th century Cesis has been a member of the Hanseatic League. Since the end of the 19th century, Cesis has been known as a center of art, culture and recreation.

Today Cesis is also an important center of culture and art, not only on a regional but also on a national scale: the cultural and historical heritage of Cesis is influenced by the cultural and historical heritage created by the Cesis medieval castle, the old town with a preserved network of streets and stone and wooden buildings, wooden villas built on the banks of the Gauja, as well as ancient estates.

Cesis, Latvia

What to see and do

Explore the old town, get new impressions by immersing yourself in the medieval lifestyle. Explore the primeval beauty of Gauja, sandstone cliffs, bottomless caves and gushing springs on the Cirulish nature trails.

Attractions of Cesis, Latvia

How to get

The distance between Riga and Cesis is about 90 km, from the capital of Latvia to the city center you can get by bus Riga – Cesis – Valga (Estonia), as well as by commuter train or taxi.


March 29, 2024

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