Must see attractions in Kuldiga

Waterfall in Kuldiga
Alekshupit waterfall
In the very center of the old town of Kuldiga, the shallow Alekshupite River flows and the famous Alekshupite waterfall (Kuldīgās ödenskritums) with a height...
Bridge in Kuldiga
Kuldiga Brick Bridge
Kuldiga brick bridge over Venta river is one of the symbols of the Latvian city of Kuldiga. It is located about 200 meters downstream from the Ventas rumba...
Sight in Kuldiga
Kuldiga Town Hall
There are two town halls in Kuldiga – one of them is the Old Town Hall, which is an architectural monument of national importance and an important part of the...
Museum in Kuldiga
Live Museum “The story of Ancient Kuldiga”
An unusual and fascinating museum. There are 7 rooms, each of which hosts performances in the dark. The roles of historical figures are played by holograms...
Cave in Kuldiga
Riezhupe Caves
Riezhupe is one of the tributaries of the Kuldiga Venta. By itself, this small river is not particularly remarkable. Nevertheless, it is unique — on its shores...
Church in Kuldiga
St. Catherine's Lutheran Church
Today, it is rare to find temples of the XIII century, which have survived to the present day. Kuldiga Lutheran Church of St. Catherine (Kuldīgas Svētās...
Waterfall in Kuldiga
Venta Waterfall
Venta Waterfall in Kuldiga is called Ventas Rumba and it is the widest waterfall in Europe. Its width in high water reaches 270 meters with a height of 2...