Peteris Upitis Garden and Museum

Peteris Upitis Garden and Museum

The museum is dedicated to the work and personality of gardener and breeder Peteris Upitis. The exhibition is dedicated to his contribution as a gardener to agricultural science, and also tells about his passion for photography, music and literature.

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Overview of Peteris Upitis Garden and Museum

Upitis Garden, Dobele

Practical fruit growing classes are held in the garden, and garden days are organized annually. Apple trees, cherries, pears, plums and berry bushes grow on the sites, popularly called the Upitis garden. Dobele is the northernmost settlement in the world where apricots are grown.

Lilacs in the Garden of Upitis, Dobele, Latvia

Upitis Garden is especially popular among locals and tourists due to the lilac. Traditionally, classical music concerts are held in the garden every spring during the flowering of lilacs. The garden of Upitis houses one of the largest collections of lilacs in Europe. In spring, you can also visit the garden during the flowering period of cherries, apple trees and pears.


March 29, 2024

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