Daugavpils Fortress

Daugavpils Fortress

Daugavpils, Dinaburg or Dvina Fortress is a fortification located on both sides of the Western Dvina River in the city of Daugavpils. The fortress is nominated for the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site as a monument of history and architecture of national importance.

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Overview of Daugavpils Fortress

Daugavpils Fortress

The Daugavpils Fortress with a total area of 150 hectares is a unique cultural and historical monument, as it is considered the last bastion-type fortress in the world, preserved without significant changes and having a unique fortification system. An equally important fact is the interior decoration of the fortress, where 80 buildings connecting with 10 streets with historical names have still been preserved. Most of these buildings have been preserved since the 19th century. Currently, the fortress infrastructure is being reconstructed, and the fortifications are undergoing a period of revival.


March 29, 2024

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