Nature Park “Daugavas Loki”

Nature Park “Daugavas Loki”

This nature park was created to preserve the unique natural complexes and cultural and historical values of the untouched landscapes of the ancient Daugava Valley in the area from Nauene to Kraslava.

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Overview of Nature Park “Daugavas Loki”

Nature Park “Daugavas Loki”, Latvia

The peculiarity of this natural park is the 8 bends of the Daugava, which are considered the oldest geological formations in Latvia. They are included in the Latvian National UNESCO World Heritage List.

The river banks offer wide panoramic landscapes with fantastic views of the picturesque surroundings. Since ancient times, the Daugava River has been the point of development of the entire territory — the main navigable trade routes passed here, and villages and castles were built on its banks.

The ancient but eternally young Daugava, with its seemingly calm course, has done titanic work over the millennia, creating a completely unique valley that leaves unforgettable impressions for every traveler.

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March 29, 2024

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