Boris and Gleb Cathedral in Daugavpils

Boris and Gleb Cathedral

The Daugavpils Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Princes Boris and Gleb (Daugavpils Borisa un GļEba pareizticīgo katedrāle) is the main Orthodox church of the city of Daugavpils. It is located in the area of the New Building on the Church Hill (Baznīckalns).

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Overview of Boris and Gleb Cathedral

Boris and Gleb Cathedral

The cathedral accommodates up to 5,000 parishioners and is the largest Orthodox church in Latvia. It was built according to the project of architect M. Prozorov. The height of the cathedral is 56 meters.

There are three thrones in the temple: the central one in the name of St. The Passion—bearers of the blessed Princes Boris and Gleb, the right - in the name of St. Alexy of Moscow, the left — the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

All three iconostases are made of oak, as well as the kiosks of individual icons, made in the Russian style of the early 20th century. The integrity of the architectural image is due to a single artistic ensemble of interior and exterior elements. The Boriso-Gleb Cathedral is a unique example of an Orthodox military church that has survived without reconstruction to the present day.


March 29, 2024

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