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The Olkhon


It made no sense to go to Baikal as a resort. In addition, time had brought us to a point when everyone was half-asleep, but we against the flow. Thus, with my faithful conductor we arrived in Irkutsk and moved on to the Mirror sea. To the Olkhon.

Cities and villages

We rented a car and went to Listvyanka.

According to the locals, the best vehicle for Olkhon is a 'buhanka' or an off-road vehicle. And that's true)

We got a right-hand drive sedan and it got us, so better pick a high one if you're going for Olkhon.

The world around was quite ordinary, only countless nomadic herds following the winds pulled the mind out of its usual frames of being.

Herds of Wild Horses

We arrived in Olkhon at sunset with no particular preference for lodging. We were carrying a tent, two sleeping bags, and our backpacks. We set up camp by the shore of Lake Baikal, breathing in the wind and marveling at the stillness. As usual, the paranoid part of me was wondering when we would be asked to move on, but that never happened. The night was primordial.

Sleeping place. Just the bank of Baikal.

For those new to hiking: you will need a thermos, a winter sleeping bag and a hat. Nights in September are already cold. Though, judging from the climate, here are never any tropics.

Camping by Lake Baikal is awesome! Washing up and taking a drink of cold water right from the lake is cool. Losing yourself in these infinite reflections of the lake is divine.

It's just incredibly rugged and incredibly beautiful here.

Even the most experienced visualizer goes into trance.

Is this drinking water? Do you understand?

Regarding the power of the place. Of course, I wanted to feel it. But it's hard to define. You just feel more vividly here than anywhere else. Even if you close your eyes and can't see the beauty. That's the uniqueness of Lake Baikal.

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September 24, 2022 10:47 pm
Rumor has it that you can find real shamans on Olkhon. Have you met?
Lana Gardmann
September 24, 2022 10:51 pm
No (
September 8, 2022 08:27 pm
Very interesting. Thanks!