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Some beautiful places from a car rally in Turkey


When you travel around the country by car as a navigator, you mostly see the roads. The roads in Turkey throughout the territory are excellent, driving on them is a pleasure.

Ideal Turkish roads

In addition to the perfect quality of asphalt everywhere, even in the mountains, where there is not a soul, storm drains, view platforms, bumpers, nets on the mountains with the danger of rockfall, limiters, markings, reflectors, light signs and everything possible so that at any time of the day you can drive as quickly and comfortably as possible. During our wanderings on roads, cities, and highways, we never had a chance to see an emergency situation or any hints about the quality of road surfaces. Evolution and respect.


A settlement in Turkey on the Cesme peninsula on the western coast of the Aegean Sea.

Alacati Bay (Alacati) Turkey

Alacati, Turkey

Alachati Bay


The seaside town of Ayvalik in the north of the Aegean Sea in Turkey, ila Balikesir district.


The third most populous city in Turkey and the second largest port after Istanbul. Izmir itself made a strong impression on me, seeming distant and somewhat industrial. I'm connecting with a hotel that I wanted to leave as soon as possible. It was nice and delicious to have dinner on the embankment.

Izmir, Turkey

Izmir (Izmir), photo on the map


Idyllic rural landscapes, isn't it? The Turks grow grapes, raspberries and blackberries on the plantations. Syrup can be bought at any roadside point, it's like they sell mushrooms, potatoes and berries here.

Mugla – Bodrum Highway


A mirrored frame of unknown purpose at the entrance to Bodrum

Bodrum, marina


The Il (province) of Mugla in Turkey has some special unique energy. It is difficult to explain such things on your fingers, and not everyone needs to, but if you are in the subject, you can feel something different in Turkey in Google. Just take my word for it.

To be continued…


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