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Kash is a place that cannot be forgotten


Kash – by chance–a special point of our rally in Turkey turned out to be so unexpectedly beautiful that it immediately got into the list of places that you want to visit more and, perhaps, more than once. Everything here is not as it is customary in the package tourism industry. If you are traveling without a tour, then places like Kash will obviously appeal to you.

Kaş, Turkey

The clock showed 21:18, and we were driving it was unclear where and it was unclear where, and the nearest place that could be somehow determined was called Kaş. We booked from behind the wheel, we were pretty tired and wanted to hide in some corner. As a result, this corner turned out to be a paradise at all,

Megafon stubbornly welcomed in Greece, and when the sun rose, it became clear why. We arrived at the place at half past ten in the evening, we were still spinning around the dark village in search of a hotel and finally found a place to stay.

The Cachet Hotel was friendly: at such a late hour we were met on the road and even fed dinner, because it was the dead of night and there was no strength to look for anything. How pleasant it is for a traveler who does not expect such comfort to suddenly find himself in comfort. It was just magical!

The hotel surprised me repeatedly. Perched on the edge of a cliff, he combined the incongruous. Clean and bright design, somewhat similar to a dealership car center, chrome and glass, high ceilings and the absence of crowds of people. There was a feeling that they were coming here for specifics and obviously not everything in a row.

From the parking lot there is a view of the coast, greenery and clouds.

Hotel "Cachet" from the facade

A small and cozy territory, individual vacationers, comfort and intimacy are the main characteristics of this place.

Do you like hotel breakfasts? I usually take cereal or oatmeal, I like to watch people in the morning: dad prefers scrambled eggs with sausages and toast, children mostly treat themselves to pancakes, moms – purely fruits, yogurt and all sorts of PP. Vacationers here were also different from everywhere else – no hubbub, peace and quiet, a sedate rest away from the hustle and bustle.

Breakfast at the Cachet Hotel

The color riot always pleases and pacifies – well-groomed pleasant hotels, where they think that you will definitely notice it and you will like it.

And here is the hero of the occasion – Greece at arm's length, a decoy for my megaphone. There is nothing from Cape Kash to the Greek island of Kastelorizo.

Kastelorizo is a small Greek island of the Dodecanese archipelago, located in the eastern Mediterranean. It is located 2 kilometers from the coast of Turkey, 110 kilometers east of Rhodes, about halfway from the city of Rhodes to the city of Antalya.

Striped umbrellas – you can find this hotel by them.

Descent to the water

The shores of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for traditional beaches, they are not here

This is the beach


I was sitting on a rock in the wind and imagined that if there were waves, then it was quite possible to grab hold of these things. Their main purpose is unknown. The rocks themselves do not slip – the weathered limestone is quite rough, but it is better to wander here in shoes, since the stones are sharp.

Brave people have observed the underwater depths

Kash, as it turned out, is a famous place for diving and snorkeling – there is crystal clear water and a good overview. The places are extreme, the depth is decent and the descents to the water, as you can see, are quite harsh. For a traditional beach holiday with children, the place is clearly not suitable, but to be alone with yourself and nature is the most it.

Leaving the cape

We didn't stay long at Cape Kash, we had plans to travel further. We didn't go to see the city itself. But I remember this place – if you want to retire and sit on a rock away from the hustle and bustle, dive with a view of the Greek islands – then you are here. No one and nothing will interfere with your privacy.


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