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Very briefly about the Lycian tombs in Fethiye


We traveled around Turkey by car, so Fethiye could be appreciated only by the ruins of the ancient Lycian city at sunset. In the rays of the setting sun, the stone carvings on the rock shone with gold.

Once again, when faced with the remains of the Lycian civilization, I am amazed at their characteristic features: similar features of architecture and amazing stone construction.

Lycia is an ancient country in the south of Asia Minor, located on the territory of the modern Turkish provinces of Antalya and Mugla.

Today, only the ruins of rock tombs, the amphitheater in Fethiye and the Lycian Trail – a modern tourist route - remain from Lycia.

Rock tombs, Fethiye

I must say that this place is inconspicuous, we got here by accident, as we traveled without a guidebook and plans to see the sights and, seeing this something in the rock, turned off the road to wander around.

Pay attention to the windows.

The locals, I suspect, have already become so used to enthusiastic tourists that they were not surprised by us walking with our heads up and exclamations.

And look here – a stone window. Frame, sashes, trim, cornice, everything is as it should be. And the stone glass? And yes, how was the issue of glasses solved by the ancients? If there were none at all, then why the platbands. And if there was, then why is one of them made of stone? I feel mysterious in such cases.

Ruins always raise a lot of questions for me, mostly engineering and construction, although I have nothing to do with it directly. I'm just curious.: how was it done and why was it invented this way?

And this is the city of Fethiye. No, we didn't go there. Not this time. As you can see, the city is not small. In fact, it is quite a popular independent resort.

Fethiye, Turkey

And here, too, you can pay attention to the windows – there are no cornices and window sill. And a curtain outside. Most likely, it's underwear, a joke, of course.

Here. Again, the question is – and what is it?


March 19, 2024 03:37 pm



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