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Melis Hotel** in Kusadasi, Turkey


I rarely write about hotels, but "Melis"** in Kusadasi turned out to be so pleasant that it deserves a separate post.

As you already know, at that time we traveled around Turkey by car, having traveled almost all of it, including absolutely non-touristic places.

The heat and the eternal ride had their effect, the places of overnight stays were different, spontaneous and not very much. But in the evening I always wanted a little silence, coolness and a beautiful view. So the Melis hotel in Kusadasi turned out to be on our way.

If it weren't for the courteous abbess from Belarus, whose hospitality surpassed all our ideas, then maybe this hotel would have turned out to be an ordinary place to stop for the night.

I don't remember the name of this woman, but for some reason she was very memorable from the whole trip. There is no reason to understand why.

The most ordinary interior

The room was completely ordinary, but had access to a cozy courtyard with a swimming pool under an impressive pine tree.

The hotel is small. The room on the ground floor is ours, with access to the pool and private beach.

A refectory with an open veranda and pleasant service added comfort and missing peace to this place.

Sun loungers by the pool and umbrellas on the beach

The beach at "Melisa" is just tiny and pleasant. It is quite sufficient for swimming and sunbathing. Everything was so cozy here that we learned the maximum relaxation after our car race.

Almost the entire coastline here is private beaches of hotels, with convenient descents and all beach equipment. As usual, you take towels with you.

Peace and tranquility in Kusadasi

The view of the lagoon is beautiful. It is fresh from the sea and the view is very beautiful.

Canonical seascapes

The Turkish pines haunted me the whole trip

Nearby hotels, Kusadasi

Some hotels have small piers

A line of beaches in Kusadasi

The exuberant flowering, which you get used to very quickly in Turkey

The grapes are real)

Neighbourhood. Very European

Melis Hotel in the evening

It's quiet here, the people are not noisy, no music and scandalous tourists. Maybe we were just lucky?

A short-term stay in such hotels is suitable if you are galloping around the country and it is very important for you to have at least a minute of peace and relaxation and, in addition, do not spend much on overnight accommodation. The place is definitely suitable for these purposes!

This is what the facade of the Melis hotel looks like if you suddenly gather in Kusadasi

And one more thing: if you happen to choose this hotel, say hello to that woman. I will try to remember her name. Maybe Valentine?


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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