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The sunken city of Kekova. The cripple


Spontaneous trips around Turkey are good because you never know which of what you see today will amaze you to the depths of your soul – ruins or a nice cafe, Turkish seals or a random beach on the way from city to city, a hotel or a sunset overlooking windmills.

You have to go to Kekova by boat. Boats scurry around the bay like small fish in shallow water, transporting colorful tourists in panama hats to different shores.

Kekova turned out to be a place of many impressions, especially if you like ruins.

Kekova. The Sunken City

Kekova is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, located near Demre.

In ancient times, Kekova was called Dolichiste, Greek, right? Dolichiste sank as a result of a strong earthquake.

The water is crystal clear. It can be seen perfectly. There is a window at the bottom of the boats and you can look under the bottom.

Every time you look at the ruins and the timelessness, you are amazed at the construction technologies.

Sarcophagi in Kekova

There is shallow water and water in places above the knees – you can wander and look at interesting things underwater. Very exciting!

The bay, as usual, is canonical. Mountains on the horizon, green hills. It was a good tour

Tourists are brought to the island and let go for a walk. There are residential buildings here, very provincial type, covered with greenery and bougainvilleas.

The view in the local cafe is idyllic!

Usually, in historical places, you immediately want to read about the chronicles of events, but in Kekovo, for some reason, you absolutely did not want to go into the reference books. And I have some kind of special inexplicable attitude towards the Lycians.

Kekova Island itself is also full of ruins, and there is a fortress at the top

Therefore, we will dispense with the historical educational program. It's very quiet in Kekova. And it's beautiful.

View of the lagoon

After Kekova, the boat takes you to Kalekey, to see the fortress of Simena.

To at least roughly understand where we are, then only a couple of thousand years ago there was a Simena in this place.

Simena (ΣίΜηνα) is an ancient Lycian city, which in two thousand years turned into the Turkish village of Kaleköy.

By the way, the Lycian trail passes right here.

And this is the fortress of Simen, or rather its noble remains. Today she is called a Cripple

View from the fortress walls. Kekova is visible on the right.

Fortress walls of Simena, view of the sunken city and Kekova Island

Kalekey Fortress

I recommend Kekova and Kalekey to visit. Compared to the fighting prowess of Chesme Kekova and Kalekey, they are simply an oasis of peace and untouchability. Although there are plenty of tourists here, but the ruins are always secluded in their thoughts. Time passed unnoticed, but the impressions remained forever.


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