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Outstanding hats of the world


There are thousands of hats in the world, and in this post we will talk about the most outstanding of them.

Asian hat

Most often, a conical, Asian hat is made of straw or palm leaves. Designed to work in the sun and rain. In some sporting events, it was fashionable for spectators to wear such hats painted to match the colors of the teams.

In Vietnam, such a hat is called a Nonla.

French beret

In France, they loved this beret very much and to this day consider it to be native French. In the 17th century, beret production was established in the south of France in Oloront-Sainte-Marie. Today, the beret is one of the most popular hats. Versatile in many ways, the beret is popular with women, men and children.


The obligatory headdress for Sikhs (followers of Sikhism, the Indian religion) is in the form of a turban. Sikhs consider the dastar headdress to be a sacred object that symbolizes self-respect, bravery and loyalty to duty.


Kokoshnik is an ancient headdress, an element of the female Russian national costume. A kokoshnik could only be worn by a married woman. Since ancient times, it was believed that after marriage, you need to hide your hair. The kokoshnik was covered with expensive fabric and hand-embroidered with precious stones, pearls and shiny threads. Less wealthy ladies used beads, foil, glass and other jewelry.

Indian roach (crown of feathers)

The military and ritual headdress of the North American Indians consists of a headband, on which the feathers of a Balinese rooster or eagle are sewn in a circle. Nowadays, it has been used by many tribes and has become popular again.


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