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Blue sky of Roslavl


To feel the true nature of a small town is possible only if you yourself are not from a metropolis. Roslavl seems to be one of those pleasant small towns with altered time parameters, where there are many very large old trees and unhurried people with un-glassy eyes.

I was only able to walk near Lenin's monument on the square, in the city park, and at the Eternal Flame.

It's significantly warmer here than in the Moscow region, the air breathes of spring, and the huge nests on the poles are probably waiting for storks.

The city square impressed me with skillfully integrated modern architecture.

There will be tulips here soon. Thought out.

A very interesting solution on the slopes. Great respect to the designers.

Bus stop.

Calm, seasoned design and perfect sidewalk. Nice to see.

There are old lime trees in the city park, I really like such parks.

This is some kind of something at an amusement park

Arches with ribbons

Water tower

Eternal Flame

Moscow flies out of my head after 250-300 km. This is verified. It flies out in chunks, getting tangled in the hair and shattering on the road and the two walls of the forest on either side

The forest disappears behind rows of houses, fields, rivers, towns, memorials. Sometimes we need to leave Moscow. It's a completely different world. Measured and calm. How nature intended it to be. And where people live differently than we are used to in big cities


April 7, 2024 01:29 am



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