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Ayia Yorgi Bay and the golden dust of the bourgeoisie on Babylon Beach


What is the most attractive thing about car travel? That's right – spontaneity. I wanted to have a snack – I went to eat, I wanted to be a tourist – I joined the tour, I wanted to refresh myself – I turned off to the nearest beach.

Babylon Beach in Aya Yorgi

Already at the entrances to the coast, the picture begins to be a postcard – a cruise ship on a joke, white cars, a spreading palm tree and a clear blue sky without a single cloud.

It was hot in Turkey in the summer, to put it mildly. The grass is actually dry. Only the sea saves you from the heat. And air conditioning.

The liner is closer. Impressive.

Pine trees in Turkey

Porsche and aronnik. Parking at Babylon beach

Aronic Italian (Arum italicum)

There are a lot of white cars in Turkey. But there are also lovers of red.

The beach is paid. The sea is shallow and warm. A place for leisurely bliss and beautiful relaxation.

The beach in Aya Yorgi Bay is for the golden youth. It's expensive here.

There is little information about the place, but definitely the place is party and elite. Sleek characters in expensive cars, beautiful tans, music and chic.

It was weekdays, the cafe was deserted.

We stopped at Babylon Beach just to take a dip. For the most part, I had a chance to look at the atmospheric beach holidays of young and imposing people who are not burdened with the weight of life. If you're on this Kolyma, stop by. The place is cool!


March 18, 2024 04:35 am



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