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Sochi Arboretum


It will be very interesting and informative for a simple man in the street to visit the arboretum in Sochi. But if you are somehow connected with botany, even if you are just a plant lover, you are guaranteed to spend hours hanging out. Because this is a botanical paradise.

The Arboretum Park is rightfully considered one of the iconic places of the city of Sochi, it is often called the "green heart of the resort", which is completely justified.

Trees and shrubs brought from all over the world are collected on an area of 46.4 hectares. To date, the park's living collection contains more than 1800 species and forms, including 66 of them — oaks, 74 — pines, 54 — palm trees and a huge number of rare exotics.

Monument to the founder Khudekov S. N.

The biography of S. N. Khudekov is remarkable:

I. Krasnogorskaya writes in Science and Life: "The opinion has long been established that people who are professionally engaged in art, as a rule, are deprived of entrepreneurial abilities, that 'the ministry of the muses does not tolerate fuss'. Nevertheless, at all times there were creatively gifted natures who tried to refute these ideas. These include Sergei Nikolaevich Khudekov (1837-1928), who proved by his example how it is possible to successfully combine seemingly completely opposite activities. A gifted fiction writer and playwright, ballet historian, editor-publisher 'Sergei Nikolaevich Khudekov was also a large landowner, achieved significant success in agriculture (animal husbandry, gardening, gardening), created two unique arboretums: in the Ryazan region, in the village of Yerlino, and in Sochi. The impetus for his extraordinarily successful economic activity was his passion for literature."

Checkmate to you, creative people.

I'll sprinkle some botanical terminology, if you don't mind. In the photo - the common spruce Nidiformis. It is often used in our gardens in the central part of Russia, but up to this size the plant from the nursery grows and grows.

The texture of the sycamore bark is a work of art. It resembles camouflage.

The fall of needles and cones of Schwerin pine.

In one of my essays, I have already mentioned long-coniferous pines. The Schwerin pine is one of them.

This is ginkgo biloba, they say the leaves should be chewed, it's good for the brain.

Bamboo grove.

Atlas cedar.

That's how bananas grow. Banana in Latin is Músa. Surely you know that a banana is a herb?

If you see such a tree, know that it is a Eucalyptus. It smells divine.

They are carefully knitted for the winter.

Pampas grass. Something that does not grow in the Central part of Russia and is not available for landscape design. Alas.

Pampas grass, or Cortaderia Sello, or Cortaderia dioecious is a species of cereal in the genus Cortaderia. The species was named by Alexander von Humboldt in 1818 in honor of the German botanist and naturalist Friedrich Sello, who studied the flora of South America.



This is if you reach the very top of the Arboretum - a view of the sea. And new buildings. According to rumors, people are very unhappy that such a wonderful panorama of the harbor is blocked. Do you agree?

Sycamore tree.

View of the harbor.

The window of the greenhouse with tropical plants. The photo shows a monster.

A banana leaf.


Beautiful retaining walls made of stone.

These are such beautiful crowns.

It's a sycamore tree.

We spent a couple of hours in the Arboretum, thanks to the fact that all the plants are carefully signed and there are QR codes on the plates and all the information can be read right there. There are enough people in the park, it won't be boring. The arboretum is beautiful. I highly recommend you to visit!


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October 28, 2022 08:42 pm
Oh, this is my favorite place in Sochi. When we come in the summer, we try to rent apartments in the residential complex opposite. In the evening, at the expense of the park, the air is fantastic.
Lana Gardmann
December 5, 2022 04:51 pm
Is it in the LCD that covers the whole view from the slide?)