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Bar. Just a Bar


We visited the bar twice, passing through. Once we went to Ada Bojana, the other time, I think, to Podgorica.

The only thing I remember is the incredible beach with pine trees, the needles of which were 20 centimeters each. And the park. And a pretty friendly cafe.

There are quite a lot of long-coniferous pines: Roxburga long-coniferous pine (Pinus roxburghii), white Chinese Armand pine (Pinus armandii), Himalayan pine (Pinus wallichiana), Khasi pine (Pinus kesiya), drooping pine (Pinus patula), Gerard cedar pine (Pinus gerardiana), Marsh pine (Pinus palustris), Montezuma pine (Pinus montezumae), Pinus pine (Pinus pinea), Canary pine (Pinus canariensis), Yunnan pine (Pinus yunnanensis), Elliot pine (Pinus elliottii). If there are experts in taxonomy among you, tell me what kind of pine tree is in the photo. Here's her bump.

A pine cone from the Bar.

The beach at the Bar. Perhaps the most cozy under the crowns of such pines.

The bar, like all locations on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, is beautiful.

If you rent a car on a trip to Montenegro, then you can stay in all the small towns on the coast three times. And in especially pleasant ones there are even more. The distances are small everywhere, the roads are good, the views are amazing.

Park in the New Bar. Very beautiful plantings.

Since 1571, the city has been occupied by the Ottoman Empire for more than three hundred years. In 1878, the Montenegrins liberated the city, but due to an explosion at the powder depots, it was completely destroyed, and a New Bar was founded in the coastal region of Pristana. Like that.

Every town in the Montenegrin region is unique. The bar is no exception.

Date palm tree. Did you know that it is also called Phoenix? Phoenix in Latin.

The seaside.

This is the most popular palm tree in the Bar, I saw it on completely different sites describing the invasion of the palm weevil, which ate all the palm trees in Montenegro. As it turned out, she is here in the Bar.

Beautiful tree crowns.

In short, the Bar is good. Beaches, infrastructure, civilization. The place is very cozy. I recommend it!


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