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The way back from Bosnia and Herzegovina


A four-day trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina turned out to be enough for a short acquaintance with the country.

Let me remind you that our trip took place in the form of a car rally, vehicles were rented.

The general impressions of the trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina are in another post, and here about the return trip to Montenegro.

Even the branches here curl up into rings.

Stunningly beautiful nature. The Balkans captivate with their unique beauty.

Misty valleys, mountains, looking at the photo, you remember every moment of these feelings.

People live everywhere.

Snowy Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This picture ends the territory of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can exhale.

The traditional turquoise color of the water. What it should be like.

The canyon of the Beer River (Piva).

The Piva River originates on the slope of Mount Sinyats. It flows in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, where, merging with the Tara River, it forms the Drina River. Most of the river's course runs in a deep canyon. The length is 34 km. The catchment area covers 1,270 square kilometers. A hydroelectric power station has been built on the river.

Another kingdom. There are no people here. Plants, animals and stones.

Closer to sunset, the sun remains only on the tops of the mountains. And you're in the shadows all the time.

The dam.

Canyon of the Piva River.

The Mratine dam is the largest in Europe, with a height of 220 meters, a width of 30 meters at the base, and 4.5 meters at the highest point.

Dams and bridges, as architectural and engineering structures, are a special kind of art and craftsmanship. Personally, I can't imagine how such a thing can be built.

The Beer dam. There is a man-made lake on the left, a dam in the middle, and a canyon on the left.

Piva lake is man-made. "The artificial lake was formed as a result of the construction of the Mratine concrete dam on the Piva River for the needs of the Piva hydroelectric power plant in 1975. The length of the newly formed lake was 46 kilometers, the deepest place was 220 meters, and the height above sea level was 675 m. This is the largest reservoir of crystal clear fresh water in Montenegro." Source:

There are a very large number of tunnels in the mountains. Highlanders are special people. Bazhov was aware of it.

This is the kind of car tour we got in the Balkans. Would you like to repeat it? Definitely! We haven't visited many places, we haven't seen all the beauty. I would like to see Serbia, Croatia, Albania, and Macedonia in the plans. And Montenegro again)

Peace to all and have a good trip!


March 19, 2024 05:16 pm



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