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Trebinje - Mostar Road


Our Christmas car ride to the Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, lay through the picturesque nature of the Balkan Peninsula. From Trebinje we set our sights on Mostar.

Desert landscapes.

The sky, the mountains, the clouds.

Good roads.

It's pretty monotonous, but very beautiful. Thanks for the sunshine.

Canonical road views.


Stolac is the administrative center of the Bosnian community, located in the Herzegovina-Neretven canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here we need to say a few words about Bosniaks or Bosniaks.

Bosniaks (also Bosniaks, Bosniaks, Muslim Slavs, Muslims; Bosniaks Bošnjaci / BoshњAci, Muslimani / Muslimani; self—name - Bosniaks) are a South Slavic people inhabiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. The word "Bosnian" has a second meaning — a resident of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of his ethnic and religious affiliation. The Bosniaks arose as a result of the conversion to Islam of the South Slavs (mainly Serbs and Croats) Bosnia, during its stay in the Ottoman Empire.

The city of Stolac. Inat-Chupria Bridge

In the town of Stolac, closer to the Kukavac district, there is an ancient bridge "Inat-Chupria". He's legendary.

"There are different versions in Stolac about why the bridge has such a strange appearance."

They all boil down to the fact that the masters built it in such a way "from inata". "Inat" is a spirit of contradiction, a special character trait of Bosniaks and Herzegovinians. Source:


Destruction, abandonment and wall art are slowly intertwined.

Roads at sunset.

Amazing colors. I would say autumn, but it's January.

It was getting late. We're almost there.

At the entrances to Mostar.


March 19, 2024 04:48 pm



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