Sea and river cruisesSea and river cruises

Cruise trips: A city afloat or the perfect way to see the world


Cruise travel is becoming an increasingly popular form of recreation, because life on board the ship is so much like life in the city.

The opportunity to visit several countries in one trip.

Cruises allow you to see several countries in a short period of time, without requiring long flights and relocations. Can't choose the right country or hotel for your vacation? A cruise is a great solution. Cruise companies offer a variety of itineraries, including cruises to the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Caribbean, Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands and even Antarctica.

Cruises can be either short - for a few days, or long - for up to several months. During the cruise, the ships dock at ports in different cities, where tourists can disembark and explore the local attractions.

People on the decks of a cruise ship

Comfort and variety of entertainment on board

Cruise ships offer a high level of comfort, including restaurants, bars, spas, swimming pools, gyms and a huge selection of activities that will allow you to find something for everyone, for example:

Sports activities: Many ships have sports fields, swimming pools and gyms, golf courses, volleyball and tennis courts, fitness classes, outdoor yoga, fishing from a boat and much more, depending on the cruise.

Surfing simulator on board the Oasis of the Seas

Carnival Legend

Evening shows: Various shows and performances are held on board the liner, such as musicals, dance routines and acrobatic performances.

Casinos: Some ships have casinos where you can gamble and try your luck.

Cruise ship show and event

Bars and restaurants: There are many bars and restaurants on the liner where you can try various dishes and drinks.

Restaurant on a cruise ship

Discos and clubs: on some liners there are discos where you can dance and chat with other travelers.

Shops: There are also shops on the liner where you can buy souvenirs, groceries or clothes.

Costa Maya, Mexico

New acquaintances and romance.

A cruise is a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends, or even meet your soulmate. It is also a great place for a couple or family to relax. Many people choose a cruise trip as a honeymoon destination, as the romance of the sea is combined with visiting different countries. It truly leaves indelible impressions and memories.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness

Cruise travel is considered more environmentally friendly than airplane flights, since liners produce less emissions into the atmosphere. The cruise usually takes the most optimal route, which saves time and money on flights and transfers between cities. In general, cruises can be affordable for most people, especially when compared with other types of holidays. Do not forget - the cost of the trip already includes both transport and accommodation.

Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA

A cruise ship is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy comfort, luxury and a variety of entertainment during their trip. All these factors make cruises unique and one of the most attractive types of travel for the most demanding tourists.


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