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Psychological tourism is a satellite of civilization


Each of us sometimes wants to relax from the noise of the city, a large number of people, or find ourselves in a quiet, peaceful place somewhere in the wilderness. Psychological tourism, as a direction, originated thanks to people with such desires.

Psychological tourism (psy-tourism) is a new area of tourism that is rapidly gaining popularity. The origin is associated with the impact of megacities and chronic stress among citizens. The pace of life in cities is sometimes exhausting and sooner or later a person begins to need a diametrically opposite concept.

The main idea of this kind of travel is to combine outdoor recreation, travel to interesting places and knowledge of the world of your soul, acquaintance with internal resources and self–knowledge.

Psychological travel as a type of tourism includes traditional hikes with the implementation of psychological techniques, evening campfire trainings, meditations, trips to places of power with spiritual practices and much more.

Immersing a person in a real natural environment allows the safest way to re-evaluate personal experience and resolve internal contradictions.

Mudra "OM" for finding inner harmony

During such a vacation, you may be accompanied by professional psychological support. The "guide" makes up a special program of trainings and meditations, which will subsequently contribute to achieving a state of harmony, help to completely relax and get rid of negative influences.

There are group and individual tours, with independent visits by psychologists and spiritual masters. The activities can also be accompanied by healing practices, massage courses, spa treatments, yoga, qigong gymnastics, breathing exercises, an appropriate diet and abstinence from alcohol and smoking.

Many psychologists offer holidays in the following "places of power" to organize psi tours:

Altai Mountains





Landscapes that help spiritual recovery in India

After such a rest, a person returns to normal life fully restored emotionally, spiritually and physically, filled with new fresh ideas, the desire to create, create, achieve new goals.

If you feel chronic fatigue, loss of strength, symptoms of professional burnout, apathy, nervousness and other negative manifestations – think about rest, perhaps this type of tourism is exactly what will heal your psyche in a short time, and you will be full of strength and positivity again.


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