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Kirovsky abandoned railway station


A unique attraction of Kirovsk, which will immerse you in the apocalyptic world of the past and surprise you with its scale.

An atmospheric place

The abandoned railway station in Kirovsk is one of the few attractions of the city. It is located near the city center and serves as an excellent place to visit in any weather. Since it is not fenced in any way, it is not difficult to get to it. The atmosphere inside the abandoned train station is magical and mysterious. The huge space that used to serve as a train station has now turned into an art space and a place of attraction for all tourists. And passing trains add even more immersion in the time period of the past. Now the building is decorated with graffiti by Murmansk artists and the nature around.

The inner hall

the cashier's window

The history of the station

The construction of the station in Kirovsk began back in 1934, when the city received the status of a city and the discovery of an ore deposit, in 1939 the station was completed. The purpose was due to the fact that the city of Kirovsk was formed to serve geological enterprises, and it was assumed that the demand for the station's services would be not only among local residents, but also among visitors to the city, including among the congresses of the Congress of miners. But since the city was a dead-end road, they wanted to lay through a tunnel in Mount Khibin that would lead to Murmansk, but at that time such a project was too expensive. Until 1966, trains ran regularly to the nearest Apatity, and the station flourished — it had a restaurant, luggage storage and ticket offices, traces of which can still be seen today. But the movement of electric trains decreased as quickly as the population, so the station was closed and soon looted.

stucco and bas-reliefs on the walls of the station


The station was built in the style of the Stalinist Empire, luxurious halls, high ceilings, granite facade cladding, arched windows, huge columns, bas-reliefs and stucco, some of which have survived to this day.

huge windows of the station

Is it worth a visit?

The abandoned train station offers stunning views of the Khibiny Mountains, you can also see the Voodyavr ski resort and the lake of the same name. There are new railway tracks near the station that transport nepheline ore from the mines. The spectacular station building will not leave you indifferent.
However, as the condition of the station deteriorates every year, there is a risk that the landmark will be demolished in order to build another enterprise in its place. Therefore, if you want to feel the atmosphere of this place, we recommend visiting it as soon as possible.

view from the second floor of the train station

arched windows of the station

Have a good adventure!


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