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Where can you travel from Russia without a visa in 2024?


Want to take a break but don't have a visa? No problem! Here is a list of the best countries that have a visa-free regime for Russians and that will definitely be of interest to you.


In Thailand, you can stay without a visa for up to 45 days, and then extend your stay. At the time of entry, you will need a completed immigration card, return tickets, and a passport with a validity of at least 6 months.

What to do in Thailand?

The snow-white beaches, unique nature, numerous parties, and a huge number of sights will not let you get bored. Starting from the middle of spring, the weather in Thailand becomes hotter and sometimes rainy.

Bays and mountains of Thailand


To vacation without a visa in Israel, you will need a passport with a validity of at least 6 months, medical insurance coverage for the entire duration of your stay, a return plane ticket, a hotel reservation, a tourist voucher, or an invitation from local residents.

What to do in Israel?

Three seas in one small country, pilgrimage tours, hot springs, interesting history, a large number of interesting sights, as well as hot weather and great tanning opportunities.

Flag of Israel

Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina

To visit these countries, you will only need a valid passport, but in some cases, they may also ask for proof of return tickets or hotel bookings. In Montenegro and Serbia, upon arrival, you need to register and obtain a 'white card' to avoid fines. You can stay on the territory of Serbia (as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina) for no more than 30 days from the date of entry, and in Montenegro - no more than 90 days.

What to do in the Balkan countries?

You can visit local attractions that are steeped in history and memory, take a stroll through green parks, enjoy the beautiful weather and nature in each of the countries. In Montenegro, among other things, you can swim in the Adriatic Sea. And now we will surprise you - Bosnia and Herzegovina also has access to the sea, albeit with a coastline of just over 20 km. If you have enough time, visit the town of Neum and take a swim at the local beach.

The Green mountains of the Balkans


To visit Georgia, you will need a valid passport for the entire duration of your trip. There are no direct flights from Russia to Georgia, but there are many options to get there with a layover, or by car.

What to do in Georgia?

Enjoy the majestic mountains, indulge in a culinary journey and try traditional Georgian dishes, visit wineries and vineyards, and taste the best Georgian wines. Until April, there is an opportunity to visit ski resorts. Georgia is definitely worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

Gergeti Church in Georgia


To stay in Armenia, you can up to 180 days and you only need a Russian internal passport or a valid international passport.

What to do in Armenia

Enjoy visiting interesting museums, churches carved into the rocks, and admiring the mountain lakes and majestic Mount Ararat. Armenia is a land of endless natural valleys and unique landscapes, as well as delicious national cuisine and interesting local traditions.

View of Ararat


To visit Belarus, a Russian citizen needs an internal passport or a foreign passport.

What to do in Belarus?

The culture and mood of the country will capture your heart! The incredible nature, unexpected architecture, and interesting sights remind you of the history and cultural traditions. Belarus is a great place for independent active rest or family vacation.

The boundless expanses of Belarus


To visit Turkey, a passport with a validity of at least 6 months is required.

What to do in Turkey?

In Turkey, you can explore its rich ancient and historical landmarks and enjoy various entertainment options. The beautiful landscapes, pleasant climate, and warm sea will make your vacation in Turkey unforgettable.

Hagia Sophia and the flag of Turkey


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