Norway is a kingdom on the Scandinavian Peninsula, with incredible natural beauty, snowy peaks, fjords, where the sun plays with the sea, and the land merges with the sky. Here you can see powerful waterfalls that crash against the rocks, creating a rainbow of millions of splashes. Sweden is also one of the best places on earth to see the northern Lights, as it is here that the so—called "northern lights belt" takes place.

Top places and attractions in Norway

Church in Røros
Roros Church
Museum in Røros
Roros Museum Smelthytta
Church in Northern Norway
Cathedral of the Northern Lights
Sight in Westland
The Flam Railway
Museum in Oslo
Nobel Peace Center
Museum in Kristiansand
Kristiansand museum
Zoo in Kristiansand
Kristiansand Dyrepark Zoo
The cathedral in Kristiansand
Kristiansand Cathedral
Fort in Kristiansand
Kristiansand Cannon Museum
Bridge in Sørlandet
The Adolphe Tidemand Bridge
Museum in Sørlandet
Mandal museum
Lighthouse in Sørlandet
Lindesnes Lighthouse
Church in Sørlandet
Hidra Church
Church in Sørlandet
Åna-Sira Church
Museum in Northern Norway
Norwegian Aviation Museum
Museum in Lofoten Islands
Norwegian Fishing Village Museum Å
Church in Lofoten Islands
Borge Church
Museum in Lofoten Islands
Lofotr Viking Museum
District in Bergen


The Capital

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April 20, 2024

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