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How to get to Europe in 2024?

Due to the restrictions imposed since 2022, traveling has become a little more difficult. We will consider all the possibilities to visit the Old World after the sanctions.

At the beginning of 2022, sanctions were imposed on Russian airlines and airports, and the EU states bordering Russia (Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland) closed their borders and stopped issuing visas. Thus, it became almost impossible to get to Europe.

But is it that bad? Let's explore options on how to get into the European Union in 2024.


Istanbul has become one of the main transport hubs for Russians, because flights from Russia depart to it, and from this hub you can easily get anywhere in the world. Turkey can also be reached by car, crossing Georgia.

The price of a Moscow — Istanbul ticket in December 2023 is about 13 thousand rubles, the price of a ticket to the main European airports will be 5-10 thousand rubles.


The neighboring state with the longest border does not currently have any restrictions on flights. The advantage of Kazakhstan is simplified overland entry, so you do not need a foreign passport to travel to the country. If you live in the border cities of Russia, you can take your car and get to the nearest airport of a neighboring state without any problems.

Several direct flights to Europe (Frankfurt am Main) depart from Kazakhstan, but the price of such tickets reaches 100 thousand rubles. It is convenient to get from the country to Istanbul, from where you can continue your journey to Europe. The price of the Astana — Istanbul flight is about 10 thousand rubles.


Unlike previous countries, there are no direct flights to Georgia from Russia*, but the land border is open, and from Tbilisi airport you can go to major destinations in Europe.

Rustaveli Airport serves direct flights from Tbilisi — Athens, Tbilisi — Munich, and others. The ticket price for these destinations is about 12 thousand rubles.

* Direct flights from Moscow to Tbilisi have been resumed since May 19, 2023. The average ticket price is about 17 thousand rubles.

UAE, Dubai

Dubai is rapidly developing and is one of the world's main transport hubs. From here you can get to anywhere in the world without transfers: from Washington to Hong Kong. If you have a good budget, this is definitely the best option for traveling. Keep in mind that the journey to the capital of the Emirates can take a long time, so consider the risks of losing a lot of time along with transfers.

Flights depart from Dubai to most countries of the world, the list of destinations is not limited, but the price of a flight from Moscow to Dubai is about 20 thousand rubles, which is almost 2 times more expensive than the way through Istanbul.


You can easily get to the mountainous country by plane or by car through Georgia. The advantage is the absence of a visa regime, which means that you can enter the country using a Russian passport without a visa fee. The capital's airport has flights to all major European destinations.

From Yerevan, you can easily get to many European cities, direct flights go to Warsaw, Vienna, Frankfurt am Main. The price of a Moscow — Yerevan ticket is about 10 thousand rubles


Bruggen, Norway

The most unusual option is the route through Norway. The Northern Kingdom did not close its borders, which means that it is possible to get to the Schengen countries through Norway.

Norway has a land border with Russia in the Murmansk region, from where you can get to the nearest airport and head to any available Schengen country.

I told you more about this path in the article Norway — by car to Europe.


If you have a passport of Belarus, another country or a valid non-tourist visa, then you can travel by car from the neighboring republic to Poland or Lithuania.

If you want to get to Europe by plane, then you can take a direct flight to Tbilisi via Minsk, from where you can go to a European country.

Belarus is great for traveling by car, but if you only have a Russian passport, it will be impossible to get to the Schengen countries. You can fly from Moscow to Minsk, the ticket price is 3 thousand rubles, and the ticket price from Minsk to Tbilisi will be about 30 thousand rubles.


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