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The Kingdom of Norway is the birthplace of fjords and killer whales


Norway is a special country that can be talked about for a long time and it is very interesting, this post is dedicated to it, boundless and amazing Norway.

Norway, what is it like

Reinebringen, Norway

The state of Norway, or the Kingdom of Norway, is located in the north of Europe. It was in Norway that skiing originated, but most tourists come here to see the picturesque green nature, high mountains, and, of course, the wonderful unusual local horses-fjords.

The climate in Norway

In the west of Norway, a mild maritime climate prevails, in the center of the state – continental, and in the far north – subarctic. Summer is considered the best time to travel around the kingdom, the average air temperature during the day does not exceed +25°C, at night about +12°C. It is cool along the coast and in mountainous areas. In winter, the air temperature is about +2°C – 0°C.

Sights of Norway

It may seem that Norway is quite monotonous, but it is worth taking a closer look – and the country opens up all facets of its pristine beauty and uniqueness.

Trolltunga, Norway

Bruggen, Bergen

Bruggen, Bergen, Norway

Few people know that it was from this area that the formation of a fairly large city of Bergen began. This Norwegian landmark is included in the UNESCO list of protected sites. Many years ago, fishermen, traders and artisans settled near the shore of the bay. But later, for unknown reasons, a large-scale fire broke out in the village. Because of which many buildings were not in the best shape, fortunately they were restored and re-erected, the city began to gain popularity. Now the town is beautiful and indescribable, wooden colorful cozy houses, various statues on their facades and, of course, an amazing shore. Many tourists are interested in art galleries, small restaurants and cafes.

Fram Museum

The Fram Museum inside Norway

The sights of Norway demonstrate the people's love for the sea and water, most of the museums are dedicated to navigation and ships. The Fram Museum in Oslo looks like an unusual house from the outside, and inside there is a legendary ship on which new lands were discovered at one time. If it had not been for the expeditions of the great navigators, the history of the development of Norway could have turned out quite differently. All museums and other public places have an interesting history, the Fram Museum is no exception. The ship made its last voyage in 1914, after which it was placed in Horten. So that it would not completely collapse, restoration was carried out after 15 years, and the ship was placed under the roof.

Fram Museum outside, Norway

Steinsdalsfoss Waterfall

Steinsdalsfoss Waterfall in Norway

This waterfall can be called one of the most photographed in Norway. The Norwegian Steinsdalsfoss is only 50 meters high, and it is also a continuation of the Fosselva River. A pedestrian path runs under the rapidly falling stream of water, which is the uniqueness of this attraction. The mysterious, and sometimes even fabulous atmosphere near the waterfall is illuminated by spotlights at night.

How to have fun in Norway

Lofoten, Norway

Traveling around Norway, you can escape from cities and people and immerse yourself in Norwegian nature, look at the northern lights, and also go to the island of Sommare, where the sun does not set from May to August.

Unusual horses-fjords

Norwegian Fjord pony

The Norwegian Fjord is a pony that is known for its extraordinary color and endurance. The dark belt on the horse's back goes all the way to the ears, because of this, the mane of these bizarre horses becomes an unusual color, there is a dark stripe in the center, and a light mane on the sides. The suit of the fjords is light, often nightingale in different shades, isabella, lilac, and sometimes palomino. It is a real pleasure to relax with these unusual beautiful horses. Fjords are little Norwegian horses with a big soul!

Norwegian Northern Lights

Northern Lights in Norway

The Northern Lights are a real miracle of nature that is worth seeing at least once in your life. Usually such phenomena occur in the northern parts of the state. On the small island of Sommarey, not only does the sun not set, but also the northern lights are not uncommon in the cold season. However, it is not only on the remote northern islands of Norway that there are northern lights. In the northern archipelago of Svalbard (Svalbard), an unusual celestial phenomenon is not uncommon, and the Rocky Cape of North Cape and the Tromso archipelago are another available locations for observing celestial flashes.

Freediving with killer whales

Norway is one of the few places on the planet where you can swim with killer whales and see dozens of animals at once in one session. In the second half of autumn, the Norwegian fjords are filled with fish, followed by numerous shoal groups of killer whales and humpback whales. Local travel companies organize diving tours in the company of killer whales, the spectacle of hunting these predators can be enjoyed from aboard a sailing ship, this is one of the most popular entertainment for brave tourists.


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