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The best places in the world where you can watch the northern Lights


The Aurora borealis is the most magical natural phenomenon that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life! To see it, you need to know where and when to go. A short guide on where it is better to go to enjoy the spectacle of the northern lights.


The Northern Lights are so called because they cannot be seen in the south. To do this, you will have to go north.

MurmanskThe best place in Russia, where from September to April you can observe the strongest glow in the sky. After driving away from the city for a short distance, so that the city light no longer interferes with the view, you can look for a place to hunt for radiance. The best place in the vicinity of Murmansk is considered Teriberka and tundra on the way to it.

The Khibiny. Kirovsk. Apatites. Going to the Kola Peninsula for the Aurora borealis is a good idea. The rules for finding a place to observe this phenomenon are simple: follow the summaries of the activity of the aurora, go in season and stock up on patience and luck.

Arkhangelsk. Compared to the cities of the Kola Peninsula, the northern lights in Arkhangelsk are characterized by a rather weak glow. But if you go deeper into the area closer to Severodvinsk or Onega Bay, then there is a high probability of seeing quite bright flashes in the sky. Remember: the darker it is around, the more likely you are to see the northern Lights in all its glory.

Vorkuta. In the Komi Republic, the northern lights are not uncommon, sometimes it is visible even in Syktyvkar, but going north to Vorkuta you increase the chances of luck to see the aurora in all its glory.

Khatanga, Dudinka. The Krasnoyarsk Territory is the very heart of Taimyr, it is cold and harsh here, it is one of the northernmost settlements in Russia. From a geographical point of view, according to the latitude at which the northern lights most often occur, it is much more profitable than Murmansk and even Iceland.


Iceland itself is very unusual, and with the northern lights it has a completely cosmic appearance. In Iceland, it is best to go to Akureyri to hunt for the aurora borealis, where the airport is located. Yekulsaurloun is a glacial lagoon in which the most beautiful photos of this phenomenon are obtained. The northern Lights season in Iceland lasts from October to March. Sandgerdi, Kaulvavedl and many other places for catching the aurora in Iceland are waiting for tourists year after year. However, the territory of the whole country is a place to observe this phenomenon.


Norway is one of the best countries from a tourist point of view, not only for observing the northern lights. The beauty of the local nature and well-developed infrastructure make northern Norway one of the best places to observe surreal night sky paintings and amazing nature.

Tromso and Alta are Norway's most touristic places to observe the Aurora borealis. In addition, there is a beautiful mountain archipelago located hereLongyearbyen in Svalbard with its black mountains and white glaciers, as well as the well-known Lofoten with beautiful lakes.


Lapland is the perfect place to admire the colorful flashes of the sky. Here, the lights of the cities do not distort its natural beauty. In addition, it gets dark very early here, and sometimes the sun does not appear on the horizon at all.

Ivalo is a small tourist resort with hotels specializing in radiance hunters. Its nearest neighbor, the Kakslauttanen resort, offers an igloo with transparent roofs in which you can observe the glow of the sky most comfortably. It's just fabulous to fall asleep in a warm bed and admire the glow, isn't it?


The maximum chance of seeing the northern Lights is in Alaska. This US state is located in the northern latitudes. The city of Fairbanks is located right on the belt of the northern lights — there is even a forecast of the activity of this phenomenon. In addition, there are hot springs that will save you from the wild cold.

Have a nice trip and good luck in finding the northern lights!


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Lana Gardmann
December 18, 2022 02:48 am
My childhood dream after a cartoon about Lapland is to go there for the New Year and watch the shining. Probably time to get ready)