The natural environmentThe natural environment

The reason for the popularity of the Kola Peninsula.


The Northern Lights!

That's what everyone goes there for, despite the cold and the prices.

life hacks:

if you want to see the northern Lights you need to:

find out the dates in the season. they are usually predicted in advance. For 2-3 days, there is accurate information on how strong the radiance will be according to a special amplitude of the 20-point scale.

if you are already in place, then the stars will be your main navigator. If you see the stars, you will see the radiance. The whole sky will be covered with stars

Choose the top places. Hills, mounds. There is usually fog in the lowlands because of the lakes and there will be nothing to see through the fog.

Look into all three eyes.

Go where it's dark. If there are lanterns or a city nearby, then there will be nothing logical to see.

The iPhone shoots best on exposure.

Since it's moving, don't waste time. Did you see it in the car? stop immediately.


Actually, this is the tourist route of the Kola peninsula. An excursion in search of radiance is expensive and not always doomed to success. If you take an excursion or a so-called expedition, then take it on dates when the weather is relatively good and during the season of auroras, respectively.

It can appear anywhere and it is not a fact that you will even understand that this is it. At first, it just resembles a strange foggy cloud, and if you don't know, you may not even understand what it is.

this is how it looks at first. You wouldn't even think that this is it

We saw him by accident. Fortunately, the taxi driver knew what it looked like and said that when he saw it, he would tell. Believe me, only locals or tour guides will point a finger at you.

Good luck finding the northern lights of the Aurora Borealis!


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Lana Gardmann
November 21, 2022 08:33 am
I can't contain my delight!!! This is amazing!