Karosta is an amazing and unique place of the scale of world history and architecture in Liepaja in Latvia. Karosta occupies about a third of the city's area and is the largest historical military territory in the Baltic States.

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Overview of Karosta

Northern Forts in Karosta, Liepaja, Latvia

In 1890, by order of Emperor Alexander III, construction of a fortress and a military town called the "Port of Emperor Alexander III" began north of Liepaja. After the independence of Latvia, this place was called Karosta, which means "military port".

St. Nicholas Orthodox Naval Cathedral

Karosta was designed as an autonomous settlement with infrastructure, a power plant and water supply, a church and a school. At one time, Karosta was a closed territory, access here was forbidden even to civilians living in Liepaja. The last soldiers of the Soviet army left Liepaja in 1994.

Water tower in Karost

Nowadays, the luxurious architecture of the late 19th century and military severity are surprisingly intertwined in Karost, creating an excellent environment for modern life and business.

What to see in Karost

St. Nicholas Orthodox Naval Cathedral

Oscar Kalpak Bridge

Water tower


The Northern Pier

BB wakepark Active Recreation Park

Tarzāns Adventure Park

Windsurfing club "Rietumkrasts"


March 31, 2024

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